Attack on Titan episode 77 release date and spoilers

Attack on Titan episode 77

The highly anticipated series Attack on Titan returned with a huge fanfare. Grabbing the most attention of the fans, it became the highlight of 2022. The final part will be proving to be the most intense ever. Throughout all the previous seasons, what we saw. was just a glimpse of an upcoming battle. Attack on … Read more

Platinum End episode 13 release date and spoilers

Platinum End Episode 13

The series Platinum End was aired as anime in October 2021 and written by Tsugumi Ohba. The illustration was done by Takeshi Obata, the renowned series Death Note creator. The First volume of Platinum End sold more than 100 thousand copies. After that, the series debuted as Oricon’s number 2 best-selling manga. In December 2020, … Read more

Top 5 Strongest Characters in Dragon Ball Super

Strongest character in Dragon Ball Super

Who are the top 5 characters among so many characters in Dragon Ball? Wabbitfree has got the official ranking of the top 5 strongest characters in Dragon Ball super. The fights in Dragon Ball series, have stuck with us because of the wonderful characters. In the Dragon Ball series, we have seen warriors of great … Read more