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Apex Hosting: Everything You Need To Know

Gamers understand the importance of a strong and dedicated server. They have total access over who can enter their server and make unprecedented software updates and modifications. Apex Hosting offers the best hosting service for games such as Minecraft. They offer the simplest way to create your Minecraft hosting server. This article will mention what you need to know about Apex Hosting. 


Apex Hosting allows users to control their game server hosting accounts on Minecraft, Ark, Rust, Valheim, Conan, Eco, CS: Go, Unturned, V Rising, The Forest, Leap, and more. Users can also access the console and manage and edit files and configurations. It offers many intuitive features that make it easy to customize your server. You can also monitor the server’s performance with Apex Hosting’s user-friendly panel.

Set Up Your Server Easily

Apex Hosting makes setting up your server easy and quick. It considers the size of the server and the version the user requires and makes a few selections accordingly. After making such considerations, it will deploy your server within five minutes. Within moments, you receive an email with the server IP address and login information. If you ever need to change servers, you can easily do so at any point.

Fast Hardware for Lag-Free Gaming

Apex Hosting’s processors have high clock speeds and incredibly quick SSD, so your server will run smoothly and fast. It also monitors its hardware frequently to ensure that it runs at full capacity to run your server at high TPS. 

Apex Hosting uses the latest and most powerful hardware, so gamers do not face glitches or experience lag or downtime. Their low-latency network is available across the world. It provides great connections to all the players.

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Advanced DDoS Protection

Apex Hosting’s network is safe and secure from DDoS attacks. It lets you keep your private IP safe and running. With Apex Hosting, you and your server stay protected behind its enterprise-level threat mitigation system, which handles the largest attacks, including the ones up to 300gbps.

Free Sub-Domain Name

It is important to decide your domain when setting up a hosting server. Apex Hosting offers a custom sub-domain name that users can use with their servers. It eliminates spending on a dedicated IP address to use a domain name for your server. It makes your site easily identifiable. Your domain will become your server’s face, helping you attract more players and increase your community. 

User Interface

You cannot host a Minecraft server without a comprehensive user interface. Users will abandon an interface if it is confounding to navigate. You do not need to worry about this with Apex Hosting. It offers a function similar to cPanel, which allows the smooth management of the user interface. The platform is compatible and adaptable with almost applications and mods available in the market. 


If you lack a substantial database, the hosting and management of the game will go into chaos. Hence, it is imperative to have a good database to run a smooth hosting site. Apex Hosting provides its users with a robust database system. Its licensed database system is renowned globally as well. 


Apex Hosting lets you choose from different storage capacities. It all depends on the amount you are willing to pay. Users can choose server spaces that range from 1GB to 4GB. If you wish to get the maximum use of this hosting service, go for the highest-pricing package. 


Apex Hosting’s networks have strong defenses against small and large-scale DDoS attacks. It ensures players’ safety. Security will always be a major concern when you wish to host your gaming server. You also need to protect the privacy of players along with their data. If you do not place proper security protocols, your gaming community will not grow. Apex Hosting also provides SSL certificates to protect your data and privacy. 

Customer Support

Apex Hosting provides 24×7 customer service to its users. It is a well-organized support system with 24 hours live chat. You can contact their technical team if you encounter any gaming experience issues. Their robust system guarantees no long wait times and addresses issues immediately so you can continue gaming. 


To choose a package, you must determine your required RAM. You can do this with the help of Apex Hostings’ carefully curated plans and instructions. Remember, if you want to install additional plugins or mods, you will require more RAM. Also, all games have different memory requirements.

Basic Servers1GB$4.49 First Month
Basic Servers with Some Modpacks2GB$7.49 First Month
Basic Servers with Some Modpacks3GB$11.24 First Month
Basic Servers with Most Modpacks4GB$14.99 First Month
Basic Servers with Most Modpacks5GB$18.74 First Month
Basic Servers with All Modpacks6GB$22.49 First Month
Basic Servers with All Modpacks7GB$26.24 First Month

Pros And Cons

The pros and cons of Apex Hosting are mentioned below.

Raid SSDsRelatively Expensive
Free Sub-DomainAbsent VPS Dedicated Servers
Supports ModpacksNot Dedicated IP
Automatic BackupsMultiple Languages Not Available
Instant Setup
FTP Access
24×7 Customer Support

How to Install Apex Hosting

Installing Apex Hosting is an easy process without too many complicated steps. Apex Hosting needs only a few seconds as opposed to other hosts who take hours to get the activation up and running. 

Follow these steps to install Apex Hosting.

  1. Choose the plan you desire.
  2. Fill in your personal data. 
  3. Choose the payment method and make the payment. 
  4. Upon successful payment, your account will be activated. 

You can now start customizing your site. 


Apex Hosting provides the best hosting for gaming servers. You can play games without experiencing any server issues or downtime. If you encounter issues, their customer service is available 24×7 along with the live chat feature. Apex Hosting’s system and network are one of the most reliable in the industry. Over 300,000 Minecraft servers appreciate its dedicated hardware and lag-free servers.

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