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Reddit Image Hosting: All You Need To Know

Online data is not just text and links. It also has images that make it more vibrant and clickable. The Internet user count is growing every day. In such a scenario, it’s extremely crucial to have a secure hosting service that allows users to share images easily and helps their data survive any future crash. Reddit has always been a popular platform for content rating and other discussions. In 2016, it came up with its image hosting service called Reddit image hosting. This service allows you to embed images on the website interface, whose addresses are then stored in the server. After this, images are accessible to the public for viewing and sharing.

Benefits Of Using A Hosting Service

For good reasons, image hosting platforms have become increasingly popular among users. These give images a code upon uploading, which helps share them easily. You can use this code to share them on third-party websites as well. Image hosting sites uniquely provide this feature over photo-sharing sites. While all such sites widen your reach, not all of them offer the same image quality or tools. This is where Reddit image hosting comes into the picture. When it comes to image sharing, it has a multitude of features to ease your load and smoothen your online experience.

How Reddit Image Hosting Can Help Users

Reddit’s hosting services come with an assemblage of great features that improve how people share images online. After all, images have been a core element of content on Reddit. Here’s a list of the features it offers:

1. Supports Good Upload Sizes

You can upload images upto 20 MB in size and GIFs of upto 100MB directly to Reddit while posting on it. This feature makes the posting experience hassle-free and helps increase your upload frequency. Reddit lets you view the GIFs in the native application without redirecting to another host website. Currently, upto eight images are uploadable at a time in JPEG or PNG formats. It also moderates the content itself and bans images that are spam or problematic. Hence, users can long-press an image to report if it seems abusive, violence-inducing, or inappropriate.

2. Increases User Accessibility

With its hosting service, viewers can click on an image, and Reddit takes them to the pages where information about that image is available. Users can visit the particular conversations where users used that image. The only condition is that Reddit should have hosted the image. It is possible because each uploaded image gets a link connecting it to any listings, such as subreddits, user pages, or front pages. This idea completely scraps the tedious work of scrolling through several pages to find a certain image.

3. Makes Content Sharable

You can share all images on the website on any other applications that may or may not be directly connected to Reddit. Long-press an image to see the copy, share, and other options you can use. The sharing buttons make it possible to share instantly without compromising image quality. As a result, your online visibility can see a boost. Redditors can also share images in chat while inviting new users.

4. Optimizes Storage Space

All the images you upload are stored on Reddit’s server. Therefore, your device is not burdened with a storage overload. Storage space is free, and the device runs smoothly without any lags. Storage isn’t an issue initially, but over a long period, it’ll save you a ton of struggle.

5. Safely Stores Data

This feature is arguably the most important one for frequent uploaders. Over time, they build up a huge collection of images that require proper backing up and secure storage. Reddit allows you to do that through its server. You can rely on it to safely store your content and survive any crashes so that you don’t ever end up losing all your work. Cloud storage systems help store your data across multiple locations, thus increasing their chances of surviving any mishaps. Simply put, these servers do a much better job at data backup and storage than your android or iOS device.

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Final Notes

Images are very commonly used in almost all kinds of online interactions. Consequently, image-hosting platforms are essential for giving users an interface to embed their images or GIF files. Reddit announced its split from Imgur and its own hosting service a couple of years ago. Since then, Reddit image hosting has improved the existing features and added new ones to enhance the app’s usability. Although there have been some complaints regarding content moderation, Reddit promises to work on them and provide a trouble-free experience for Redditors.

Reddit’s image hosting capabilities are at par with its competitor websites. It offers good data security, supports multiple file types, and has great one-click accessibility for hosted images. With Reddit’s services, you can focus more on showcasing your work in the best ways without worrying about anything else.

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