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Make Your Own Course And Grow Your Career

Online selling and buying are so convenient. Due to the demand for online courses, several platforms are available for marketing and selling your products. Whether you want to make your own course for some passive revenue or start a whole new career, Thinkific is one great solution. E-learning platforms like Thinkific have seen a robust expansion in recent years, all thanks to their accessible and inexpensive courses. They offer amazing alternatives for college students, high schoolers, and even curious learners.

You can craft courses on every conceivable topic for anyone to learn from anywhere. If you do it right, you’ll make handsome money selling courses. We’ll take the example of Thinkific to talk about how you can create, market, and sell your expertise using its platform.

How To Create And Launch Your Courses On Thinkific

After you’ve signed up on Thinkific’s website, the first step would be to pick a topic. Pay attention to the parameters of purpose and demand when choosing your topic. Follow certain rules to maximize your chances of creating a scalable business.

1. Launching Your First Course

Before you turn a course public, try pre-selling it to gain some perspective on the quality of your content and audience. Provide a pilot course without fail. Offer a lower price than the official launch to acquire student validation and consistent feedback. Once you have all prerequisites, start designing the content and look of your course with Thinkific’s tools. Create a hierarchical flow and decide the milestones to keep things organized. Give quizzes and assignments to keep students on track.

The most important aspect of your product will be the content itself. Form engaging lessons tailored to your audience’s needs that encourage action and are entertaining to retain attention. Making your content in smaller chunks and teaching in a gamified way will help attract students. Use negative feedback to improve and polish your content. Pricing will complete the process of course creation. Low pricing can be detrimental, so conduct surveys and research well before arriving at the final pricing.

2. Marketing And Selling Tricks

Pulling traffic through google searches is the way to go initially. Please focus on the SEO of your course titles, as it decides your ranking in the search results. Promote your courses through social media and work on getting affiliates to gain more customers. On Thinkific, your students can be affiliates too and drop reviews after completing the lessons. Creating a community with a Facebook group will help build peer interaction and boost referrals.

Having a dedicated sales page makes your profile look more professional. Offer money-back guarantees and exclusive discounts for early birds, bulk buyers, and loyal customers. Thinkific encourages sending emails regularly to keep communicating with your students. Track learners’ progress and offer feedback to show your credibility and increase completion rates.

3. Standing Out From The Crowd

With multiple teachers available for a particular course, having valuable subject material is important to get noticed. You can add extra touches to set your content apart from the rest. Here are a few things you can think about:

  1. Including interactive graphics
  2. Taking a story-based approach
  3. Gamifying your content and assigning points upon attaining milestones
  4. Ending your videos with a task for the students
  5. Sending reminders and progress emails to keep getting your learners back

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Thinkific is arguably the most popular LMS platform available today. It’s not your regular platform and stands apart with all it has to offer. Thinkific’s impressive features have helped many have an additional income source and grow their career. The points discussed in this article will help you dodge the ‘don’ts’ of online course selling and incorporate more of the ‘dos.’ Remember to build your sales strategy and content layout before doing anything else. Focus on adding value to your courses for a steady and profitable business model. Make your own course and join the growing online teaching space today.

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