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After having their needs for food, clothes, and shelter satisfied, humans have a desire to create. Creativity, when met with the right tools, can create marvels. Lately, animation has been a popular creative choice. But where do you get the tools for breathing life into your animation? Here comes Adobe Animate

Adobe Animate is an animation solution that helps you create engaging content and share them on social media. You can create animations of your favorite anime, bring a concept to life or use it for professional causes.

What is Adobe Animate?

Adobe Animate is handy for professionals, animators who wish to work with more clients by saving time, and those who are absolute beginners and wish to listen to their inner creativity and dabble in animation.

Features of Adobe Animate

Best software to date designed to help users create interactive content online: 

  • Adobe animate has an elaborate asset panel with sounds and effects.
  • It comes with a free Adobe Creative Cloud subscription.
  • It has great tutorials for beginners.
  • The AI tech saves the time and effort of animators, which makes a huge difference. 
  •  Its cloud-based features encourage project sharing, teamwork, and remote collaboration.


For its state-of-the-art features, Adobe Animate charges nominal rates. The monthly subscription starts at $20.99 per month.

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Why Adobe Animate is better than other software

To be the number one platform, you’ve got to offer solutions that others just don’t. Adobe animate has checked the exclusive feature’s checkbox and brings you many cool and easy-to-use features. Here are some of them.

Virtual Camera in Animate

The virtual camera stimulates a real camera’s movement, so your animations can look more realistic. You can do all that you do with a real camera, including zooming in and out, panning, rotating, and modifying focal points to shift the user’s attention. You can use color tint or filters to make a scene look more lively.

When you set the camera view for your project, the layers appear as though you were looking through a camera.

Caters to a lot of Export Formats

Adobe Animate is beautifully adapted to current web standards and allows users to export content in many formats. You can use WebGL, HTML5 Canvas, mp4, and 4k videos. It provides ‘expert’ and ‘novice’ preferences to choose from.

Vector Brushes

What’s special about this feature is that it revolutionized the look of projects. Vector brushes let you control how your image looks based on how much tilt and pressure you provide. You can create stylized lines and strokes with a vector feel. You can change the width according to the pressure applied by your pen or stylus.

A set of vector brush presets is available by default, and you can use them in your animate project directly. Besides vector brushes, Adobe animate also offers pattern brushes that help you follow and repeat the pattern along the same path.

Audio Syncing

Adobe animate’s auto lip-sync feature mimics mouth poses and sound inflections, saving animators time. All you’ve got to do is draw all the mouth poses for your character and convert each one to a graphic symbol. Then create a master mouth reference, add frame labels to each keyframe and import your audio, assign sounds to frames and that’s it. You have brought your character to life which would otherwise have taken days.

Best Selection of Fonts

Any animation tool must provide a range of fonts to work with. The Adobe animate offers Typekit, which makes your life easier.

  • Typekit is where you get countless premium web fonts.
  • You can pick the ones you want via a subscription plan
  • Some selected fonts are also free for you to try and use.


Adobe animate offers you the tools to animate frame-by-frame while keeping the process smooth and neat. The variety of drawing tools provides a rich feel to your animation. You can enable the onion-skin visual mode to make your animation look more natural and get an overview of the previous keyframes.

The timeline lets you control the process greatly by adding, cutting, and replacing frames to the utmost detail.

Beginner Friendly Interface

We can assure you that Adobe animate has the easiest interface to work with and is a great choice for beginners. You can create faster and smoother workflows as a beginner if you choose to work using Adobe. It’s compatible with all Adobe software like photoshop and illustrator, again in favor of beginners. Contact Adobe via phone, email, and FAQs if you feel stuck anywhere.

Final Thoughts

Adobe animate is a no-brainer for you if you’re a beginner or a professional animator. The quality features, best-in-class brushes, and user-friendly interface are to die for. It’ll take some time for beginners to work with the brush tools. But the learning curve is less in Adobe as compared to other applications. If you’re a business owner, it’s a lifesaver for you. 

You can do so much more in less time, and your worries about the design team’s productivity will disappear. It is the complete package and the gold standard for animation applications. Choose wisely, switch to Adobe animate and bring your creative concepts to life.

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