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Create And Sell Online Courses With Thinkific

Online courses are new ways to acquire knowledge and new skills. Learners have recently preferred this mode of education as it can be learned at home, thus making it easy for learners. Many platforms and websites allow you to create and sell online courses where one can enroll in the desired course based on interest. Some courses are free to access, whereas some need to be purchased.

First, to enroll and learn any online course, someone or any institution must create the course. That’s when the idea of creating and selling online courses came into roleplay. One might think that it is burdensome to create an online course and make it accessible to people. But thanks to Thinkific, they make it effortless to create and sell online courses.

What is Thinkific? 

Thinkific has helped many entrepreneurs to create and sell online courses successfully. This website is user-friendly and can be accessed from anywhere accessible on the internet. A person can create and sell online courses within no time and gain revenue if everything goes well.

Create and sell online courses through Thinkific

Recently everyone has been looking for opportunities where they can start something on their own with their skills and earn decently rather than working as an employee for a company. The creation and selling of online courses through Thinkific can be considered as one of those options. Now let’s dive into how one can create and sell online courses independently with Thinkific.

Stream and Topic for the course:

Create and sell online courses

Online courses of any stream and topic can be created in Thinkific. So, one must decide on a topic in a particular stream on which they will create a course. The person needs to select the stream and topic based on their skill set as they need to deliver appropriate and accurate information.

Content for the course:

create and sell online courses

Before creating the course, acquiring some standard and appropriate content for the topics discussed is important. The content must be easy to read and understandable to the users.

Process of Creating the online course on Thinkific

  • Once you open the website, you will see a screen with the sign-in page:
  • If you need to create an account, click on the option “Create a new account.” Then the website takes you to the page depicted in the image below:
create and sell online courses

Fill in the details, like email, name, and password, and then click on the “create your account” option.

After creating an account, you are asked to fill in the details regarding the course setup. They are as follows:

  1. In the first step, you need to mention the basic details like the school name and information regarding their previous experience in teaching online. You are also asked regarding the email list. You can choose the options for filling these sections when provided.
create and sell online courses
  1. In this step, you need to fill in the details of the course name, the brand’s color, the industry you intend to teach, and the training material details. These are clearly shown in the image below. You always have the freedom to give the course the desired name and select the intended colour from the options. Similarly, you can select the options for the industry of training as well as for the training material part.
  1. Moving onto the third step, you must fill in the details, such as the instructor’s first and last name and bio. Click on the “browse files” and attach the instructor’s photo.
create and sell online courses
  1. In this final step, you need to fill in the details regarding the business, such as how many people are working in your organization and how much money you have earned by charging for your skillset. The options are provided, and you can choose the appropriate option according to their situation.
  • Once you select the options, click on the “finish” option to complete the basic process of creating the online course.
  • Further, you can build their course by adding content of their course such as materials, quizzes, exams, etcetera. You can preview the course so you can know how the course taker views the course curriculum.
create and sell online courses

Sell online courses through Thinkific. 

After you upload all the content and curriculum for the course, it’s time to sell the created course. If you intend to make the course free for the learners, you can directly publish the course.

create and sell online courses

But if you intend to publish the course for some revenue, you need to set up a payment processor to receive the money. Then you need to give the price for the course. During pricing the course, it is important to know the value of the course and price them accordingly. 

The pricing of the course is also dependent on the instructor. The pricing can be high if the instructor has more experience and skills. One can customize the course card before publishing. The course card is how the learners view the course on their dashboard. After making all these customizations, you can publish the course.


This is how you can create and sell online courses through Thinkific without hassle. Every step of the creating and selling online course process has a customization option. If you want to generate by teaching your skill set, sign up on Thinkific and start creating and selling online courses.

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