CRM APIs are the most efficient manager-cum-communicators you can get for your company. The most efficient CRM of them all is the Zoho CRM API. Don’t worry. It’s not guesswork. We’ll explain to you the reasons for it in a bit. First, you need to know why an integrated CRM API is necessary if your business/company has multiple departments like sales, marketing, finance, and HR.

How do CRM APIs help?

Imagine feeling lost in a pool of customer info, not knowing what to make of it. Luckily you don’t have to, only because of CRM APIs.

  • A CRM API helps your CRM communicate with other software.
  • It dramatically reduces costs due to better data management.
  • It helps you give the best customer service.
  • Helps get new customers and retain the existing ones.
  • They worked amazingly during covid(crises) due to their ability to adapt to customers’ current needs.

How does CRM APIs work?

CRM APIs are pro-organizers that condense a whirlpool of customer info into a relevant database that multiplies the efficiency of your company.

  • CRMs collect relevant customer information and make sense of the data to increase profits.
  • They collect customers’ e-mail, social media info, contact number, and more.
  • CRMs also track personal details such as preferred mode of interaction and gender(if specified by the customer).
  • Once the data is ready, CRM organizes it and has a complete record of an individual’s history with your company. This includes past purchases, payments, what they like or dislike on social media, and what they say about you and your competitors.
  • This makes your customer data super personalized, and their user experience becomes very smooth.
  • An API simply acts as an intermediary between two software.

Zoho CRM API and what it has to offer

Zoho is a business software company that provides CRM for sales, finance, HR, and marketing. It caters to all business sizes and offers minimal costs, which are hard to beat compared to its competitors like salesforce and unsightly. Zoho CRM has its API, which reduces your burden and saves your precious sales time. It also does sales forecasting and e-mail marketing and manages your contacts and leads.

6 reasons why Zoho CRM API is better than your CRM

Ever since Zoho was launched, it has disrupted the CRM industry and has risen to become one of the best CRMs in use currently.

1. Multiple pricing tiers

Zoho CRM offers a free trial for 15 days, after which it charges minimal rates starting at $50 per user per month. Once you know what it can do, you won’t regret paying this price. But what about a subscription? Zoho Plus hears you and has got extra benefits at a per user per month rate, which is billed monthly or annually.

2. Customization at its finest

It’s no secret that nothing can beat the Zoho CRM API regarding customization options.

  •  It gives you complete freedom to deploy its resources how you’d like. You can customize the layout of your records, add buttons to your CRM and use the sandbox for testing the changes made before finalizing them.
  • In terms of lead management, Zoho is miles ahead of other CRMs. It allows you to create your own scoring rules for lead conversion.

 3. ZIA-Zoho’s own AI

Personalization feels good to everyone. Zoho brings you your assistant, ZIA.

  • This is the coolest feature of the Zoho CRM. ZIA is a voice assistant who can predict your sales, lead scores, and give you upselling recommendations. It can even scan your image to keep image spamming at bay.
  • It works just like Alexa or Siri, so you don’t have to worry about its operational aspect.
  • The AI for emails seriously increases customer contact info and creates tasks and activities to manage your customers for you.

4. Collaborations

We live in a world of collaboration, not competition.

  • Zoho CRM has portals where you can collaborate with your vendors and partners, create and update your records, and even add notes.
  • Zoho feeds are built in a way to boost collaborations. You can tag team members, send DMs, post updates, and create groups.

 5. Marketing automation  

Anything that shortens sales time must go, and manual marketing is one of them.

  • Zoho CRM has segmentation where it differentiates your occasional buyers from your loyal purchasers. It then uses these purchase patterns to make meaningful targets at the right customers who shoot up your profits.
  • It connects sales and marketing so that you can allocate revenue for all your marketing campaigns. Convenient, isn’t it?                   

 6. Zoho CRM, aka ‘The Complete Package.’

Forbes Advisor named the Zoho CRM API the best CRM overall for small to mid-sized businesses in 2021. Here’s why. 

  •  It gives lots of report types to choose from. (pie charts, bar diagrams, quadrants, and more)
  • It answers all your sales queries.
  • Zoho detects sales anomalies for you. The deviations from common trends, efficiency percentages, and gaps in the process can all be easily identified.
  • Discount options have greater flexibility as it uses both absolute and differential models.

Final Thoughts

When you have all these reasons, why not upgrade to the Zoho CRM API and give your customers the best experience they’ve ever received? If you’re already a Zoho user, congrats! You are now a better manager of your business, making the most sense of your customer info, and possess the freedom to customize your CRM however you like. One more thing, Zoho will future-proof your business, help you stand firm against your competitors, and grow your company simultaneously. 

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