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Thinkific is an LMS platform that lets you create e-courses and add value to the world by imparting knowledge. Whether you run a business solely based on online teaching or you do it as a side hustle, or only to hone your tutoring skills, Thinkific has plans for all. Thinkific can be used by motivational speakers, authors, academic organizations, business coaches, consultants, etc., to spread consciousness among individuals. It has a community of more than 50,000 course creators. If you are thinking of embarking on a journey of educating the masses, you can check out this Thinkific review for better insights.

Not your Regular Thinkific Review

Thinkific continues to empower millions of people to create, market, and sell their courses effortlessly. And as the eLearning industry is beholding exponential growth, Thinkific will only become robust in the years to come. In this Thinkific review, we have covered all the reasons why Thinkific should be your go-to platform:

1. Thinkific Website Builder

While creating a Thinkific review, it is a must to discuss the stellar site builder module provided by the platform. The website builder of Thinkific is not an ordinary standalone website platform. It enables easy website building and branding without prior technical experience. Users can edit and customize their themes or create individual web pages.

Individuals can easily use drag-and-drop features to create dazzling pages. Also, Thinkific has a pre-built theme library, so users do not have to create a website from scratch.

Website builder

2. Customer Support 

Thinkific never backs out from helping its users. The platform has a Help Centre to address the queries of its customers. It also provides FAQs, articles, documents, and self-service support to enable users to resolve their queries independently. Thinkific offers a ticketing system on the free plan and a live chat option with the paid plans to get in touch with users. Thinkific manages access and membership to the Community Pages, enabling users to connect outside the course. 

3. Cybersecurity 

The most vulnerable entity while working online is the user’s data and confidential information. Data theft is a common pursuit; therefore, cybersecurity should be a priority for virtual platforms. Thinkific ensures the user’s data is secure by issuing SSL certificates for all plans. While working with Thinkific, users can rest assured that their crucial information is in safe hands. It maintains the privacy of users via end-to-end encryption. The platform uses cloud hosting to protect the data and provide automated backups periodically. 

4. Pricing Plans

Other than a free subscription, Thinkific offers a three-tier pricing plan: Basic, Pro, and Premier. The Free plan allows access to the basic features of Thinkific.  The Basic plan lets you choose a custom domain and access essential features and is great for beginners. The Pro plan is mainly for professionals and includes live Zoom sessions, certificates, etc. The Premier plan caters to the needs of substantial businesses and helps them grow into a brand. As an educator, you can control how to charge the learners. Thinkific does not take a commission on sold courses.


5. Student Management 

Educators get to know whether or not students can easily contemplate their content via Thinkific’s student progress tracking feature. If a learner grapples with the content, Thinkific will flag the incomplete lectures to inform the tutor. Thinkific has an automated feature to send course completion certificates to the respective learners. Also, the students are notified of all the information regarding the course by Thinkific. Educators can enroll unlimited students and publish unlimited courses.

6. Ease of Course Creation 

A Thinkific review would be incomplete without revealing its user-friendly interface. 

Tutors can conveniently create quizzes, assignments, questionnaires, and tests on Thinkific. Content can be easily created in all formats, from video to PDFs, audio, and presentations. You can access various tools to improve the functionality of your site and customize the course content. The Drip schedule feature of Thinkific allows you to release content aligning with the user milestones. It also makes navigating through websites an uncomplicated task. With Thinkific, course content creation becomes a no-brainer.

Thinkific: Create and sell online course

7. Marketing and Reporting 

The marketing features help users monetize their courses at the earliest. As subscriptions get pricier, marketing tools to promote courses get finer. Coupons to avail offers, Email marketing tools for integration, Affiliate marketing, and Sales Widgets, among others, are some built-in marketing tools. 

Everything from student engagement to course enrolment gets recorded in Thinkific. It tracks learners’ progress, revenue, sales, and orders to keep the users updated. The reporting capabilities of Thinkific give users instantaneous insights into their business portals.

Thinkific Review


Nowadays, loads of online platforms let you create courses and build a business. So it might be baffling for users to find the ideal platform. Once you decide on your niche, course structure, budget, etc., you can go through this Thinkific review and decide if it suits you. Thinkific offers a free trial to get people acquainted with its website. It has some remarkable tools to create engaging courses. The platform has some beautiful and minimalistic themes and designs. Its rich features help you create a business enterprise at affordable prices. This Thinkific review has all the points one might look for while creating e-courses. So, you can go through the features of Thinkific and commence your mentoring journey with a sense of relief. 

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