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For a new business, the beginning is always challenging, simply because there’s so much to do, plus the fear of getting things wrong. Good marketing is crucial for your business to stand out early on. An experienced marketing team helps get many things right, but it hurts your budget. The solution is outsourcing your marketing troubles to an online marketing tool suite like GetResponse. It boosts your business as it build marketing leads and takes care of all your marketing concerns for free. It generates over 1 million leads monthly, so let’s look at some of its features to understand why.


GetResponse is one of the most popular online marketing platforms due to the multitude of staggering features it has to offer. We’ve curated a list of the most relevant reasons for which it builds marketing leads like no other.


Designs Artful Landing Pages

Landing pages should be aesthetic to generate exposure and win new leads. GetResponse allows you to build amazing landing pages using more than 200 predesigned templates. You can also use the drag-and-drop editor to design a custom landing page for your website by incorporating the following elements:

  • Sign-up Forms: Sign-up forms are an easy way to get more subscribers. You can put them on your landing page after designing them using pre-existing templates or customizing them.
  • Pop-ups: Pop-ups are a great way to bag visitors and get faster conversions. They work beautifully when made under specific conditions and when they’re targeted toward the right audience. You can schedule pop-ups whenever the website is slow or loading to invite customer attention.

Brings Paid Ads 

You can run ads on your website using GetResponse. Make sure you research your customer base and run relevant ads only. Look for ads with keywords related to your product or content to drive visitors from other platforms to your website.

GetResponse Is A Pro At E-mail Marketing

All successful businesses have regular customer interactions via newsletters and e-mails. You can automate your marketing campaigns and send them to your subscribers and customers in a personalized manner. The drag-and-drop editor works here too.

 You can customize your e-mails to make them tailored to your leads by using the ‘perfect timing’ and ‘time travel’ tools. Adjust the timing of sending your e-mails based on your contacts’ engagement statistics and history, making them more likely to click and view these.

Automates Marketing

GetResponse monitors your customers’ engagement time, level of engagement, and order history to create well-targeted campaigns for your business. Use all this data to redeem your unengaged leads and regenerate workflows to build marketing leads.

There are pre-made lead magnet funnels that help secure new leads. Whenever a new visitor is on your website, you can lead them on the perfect journey, all thanks to automation. You can choose from predesigned campaign scenarios, and GetResponse will generate a complete lead funnel for you in no time.

Increases Sales

There are a few things in store if you want to increase sales on your website. These include:

  • Promo codes: Using promo codes is smart because these assist in decreasing cart abandoners and keeping loyal customers happy. You can also add them during exclusive or seasonal sales to strengthen customer relationships.
  • Recommending products: Upselling via the “product recommendations engine” is a great idea. You can use customer behavior data to send automated recommendations to them and keep them updated on the latest launches.
  • E-commerce integration: If you integrate major e-commerce sites with your GetResponse account, they can just be a click away. This will build marketing leads fast.

Provides Receptive Customer Support

You can resolve customer queries via e-mails or live chat on the website and landing page. Sending notifications and auto-replies are also possible. Having satisfied customers will increase your revenue and create a reliable business reputation.



GetResponse gives several free forever services, which include website builder, e-mail marketing, landing pages, lists for up to 500 contacts, and domain connection. Generous, isn’t it? If you want more advanced features, there are many pricing plans available.

  • $15.58 per month gives you the e-mail marketing plan, which contains all basic features.
  • $48.38 per month can give you the marketing automation plan, including all the basic and advanced features. This plan remains the top choice among users.
  • $97.58 per month provides the e-commerce plan, which provides all that the marketing automation plan does and more. 
  • The MAX and MAXplans offer custom pricing and a plethora of extra features.
  • You also get great discounts if you take a yearly or two-yearly subscription.

Final Words

 With all the amazing features that GetResponse offers, any business is bound to experience an increase in conversion and get better customer feedback. It is especially beneficial for small businesses which are short on staff and budget. The pre-built models are convenient and huge time-savers for entrepreneurs and online marketers. All these make GetResponse a great destination to build marketing leads. It’s truly worth your trust and coin.


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