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A prominent LMS platform, Thinkific has all you need to create and sell courses online. It has immensely contributed to transforming the virtual marketplace by empowering countless individuals and organizations. Thinkific comes with excellent uptime, customizable templates, an intuitive dashboard, easy navigation, and more. Thinkific courses have a lot to offer and cater to a wider audience. This platform offers a range of courses, from scriptwriting to knitting, baking, emotional well-being, transcribing, etc. This article will walk you through the journey from thriving for perfection to getting unparalleled success by creating Thinkific courses.

The Making of a Thinkific Course

Before sharing your valuable insights for any genre, you must learn to create a course on Thinkific. If you are creating an online course for the first time, the following guide will familiarize you with the entire process:

  • Pick a niche based on your skills and find your target audience.
  • Sign in to create a seller account on Thinkific.
  • After activating an account, go to the ‘Manage Learning Products’ section.
  • Go to the ‘Courses’ section and select ‘+New Course’ from the top right corner.
  • Opt for a Course Template that suits your course profile.
  • Name your course and get things done by selecting the ‘Create Course’ option.

Thinkific Course Templates

While building a course, developers can preferably curate the infrastructure of their content. Thinkific enables users to customize or access the pre-built themes and templates. The major template styles offered by Thinkific are:

1. Flagship Course Template 

Experts in a particular field specifically tailor courses under this template. The Flagship course template is designed to provide a more professional experience. Such courses are a bit pricier and offer complementary resources like mini-courses, and physical products, among other things.

2. Pre-Sell Templates 

You can get an insight into the market situation before launching your original course content. Thinkific allows users to publish a pilot lesson or pre-sell the course via this template design.

3. Mini Course Template

This template is ideal for beginners to capture the attention of their target audience. Educators can launch a shorter, more economical version of the original course content. You can have an overall review of your material via a mini-course template. As your audience enrolls in the minicourse, you will be able to build credibility, generate sales and expand your customer base.

Thinkific Courses

How to Price Your Content? 

After labeling and designing the course content, the next thing is to put a price tag. You need to charge rationally for every course based on the worth of the content. Undervaluing or overvaluing will take out the essence of your course content. If you are a beginner in this field, you must keep in mind the following cost guide:

  •  If the material is lowly priced, people will interpret it as less valuable. 
  • Creating price tiers for different subscriptions will make things more structured and enable format flexibility.
  • Time and effort have been put equally into making a low-priced and expensive course. 
  • Charging less for your material than what it is worthy of will only degrade its value. 
  • Map the pricing plans of your niche-specific competitors. 
  • To avoid compromising the quality of your content, ensure that you do not undersell it. 

 Types of Course Formats

Thinkific is a multifunctional workspace that offers not only a variety of courses but also several course formats. The website offers built-in templates alongside customizable ones. As educators, you have the liberty to shape the course content per your preference. We have enlisted below some of the most desirable formats in which you can engage your learners: 


1. Video Lectures 

Learners establish better connectivity with tutors when they are taught via video lectures. Videos are more engaging and enable learners to retain more information for longer. While creating Thinkific courses, you can schedule live classes or upload pre-recorded lectures. You can host webinars and live lectures by integrating with other apps. Course owners can conveniently customize specific video formats like playback speed, captions, previews, supporting text, etc. It allows unlimited uploading of videos along with the import of external files. 

Thinkific Courses

2. Quizzes and Surveys 

Thinkific lets tutors create interactive quizzes and assignments to test learners’ knowledge. By incorporating quizzes in your Thinkific courses, educators can know whether the target audience can absorb the material. You can create an MCQ-based quiz and add randomized questions and explanations to the right answers. Student feedback can easily be collected using surveys. Creating surveys comes without the hassle and does not require assistance from external sites. You can collect surveys in the Rating-based, Answer-based, or Scale-based format. 


3. Presentation Format

Presentations provide a chronological purview of the content and are more comprehensible. With Thinkific, educators can publish presentations in the form of PDFs. The course owner can control the installation of such presentations. You can feature your voice-over by adding recorded audio to your presentation.  

4. Downloadable Lessons 

Thinkific enables its users to access content even while offline. The course owners can specify which lecture or piece of content is available for installation. File formats like videos, PDFs, attachments, zip files, etc., can be downloaded easily. You can also embed PDF files upto 25MB into the course content. 


5. Textual Lessons 

Students would be overcome by boredom if tutors provided lessons in simple text format. To make the textual material less drab, educators can import audio, videos, images, attachments, etc., to their Thinkific courses. Content owners have the liberty to experiment with their material using customization tools. 

Final Thoughts

Thinkific is an all-in-one platform that offers features laypeople cannot even imagine. Thinkific is more than just a platform where people impart and gain knowledge. It has remodeled businesses and transformed the way people earn a living. If you are also planning to begin your career as an online educator, Thinkific is the place for you. But before commencing with anything, you must strategize some crucial aspects of Thinkific course creation. 

We have provided an in-depth analysis of the procedure of curating a Thinkific courses. This guide will help you avoid all the hurdles that might come your way while focusing on course content creation. Leverage this description to overcome all shortcomings and build a sustainable business by selling courses.

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