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After seeing loads of people succeed in online tutoring, the content creator in you might have been piqued. If you aspire to become an online educator, Thinkific is for you. This esteemed platform lets you sell your knowledge to the masses globally via online course creation. Thinkific is a best-in-class virtual platform that aims to revolutionize the education spectrum and take businesses to the next level. Here we will discuss the various ways in which you can kickstart a lucrative teaching journey.

How to Sell Your Knowledge on Thinkific?

Imparting education through a screen can be challenging for many of us, but Thinkific has sorted everything. From arranging your thoughts into lectures till you contentedly sell your knowledge, Thinkific is at your service. We have prepared a guideline for you to create, market, and sell a course successfully. Check it out to create stellar courses and start earning at the earliest: 

1. Pricing your Course Content

If you plan to launch your first course on Thinkific, you might think of devaluing your content to gather customers. You must charge the audience based on the intrinsic value of the content you are providing. It is a human tendency to believe that something that costs less is less valuable. Sell your knowledge to an audience that will regard your course in the long run. Underselling and overpricing the course content can be downsides to your business. 

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2. Know Your Audience 

Before launching your course, you must ensure whether the content targets the right people and solves some problems. You must choose your niche wisely by mapping your skillsets with the most sought-after courses. Make sure to invest your valuable efforts in a relevant direction. Once you have figured out your ideal customers, you can efficaciously sell your knowledge and achieve many milestones.


3. Feedback 

Getting reviews from your target audience or prior clients will help you nurture better content. You can ask for feedback via Google forms, social media polls, surveys, etc. Knowing your audiences’ opinions can bring more accurate content for them, thus establishing credibility. You can also presell your course on Thinkific to seek validation from your target audience. It will put you in an advantageous position by creating the best possible content.


Strategies to Generate Greater Revenues

If you have opted for online teaching rather than the regular mode, you must go the extra mile to generate sales. We have enlisted some methods below with which you can easily augment your revenue:  

1. Affiliate Marketing 

Affiliate marketing gives you ample time to focus on the core areas in addition to revenue generation. Thinkific enables users to indulge in affiliate marketing and generate revenue via referrals. You can hire third-party individuals to work as marketing agents for your course. The affiliates will look after marketing on your behalf, and you can pay them via a commission. Other than affiliates, you can even market your course via cold emails. Email marketing admirably works out for small businesses and startups. 

Sell your knowledge

2. SEO and Keyword Research 

An influential keyword will make all the difference in how you sell your knowledge online. You need to target the correct keywords and improve your SEO to increase visibility. Keyword research and SEO can be a bit intimidating for novice educators. But you can always get assistance from SEO experts to find the appropriate keywords. Once you master keyword selection, you can see an influx in your course sales. 

3. Bulk Selling 

It is a great way to capture a wider audience through less interaction. Bulk selling lets you sell your knowledge to the masses by connecting with an intermediate source. Thinkific enables you to sell several subscriptions to your course in one go. Many organizations and businesses want to train their employees, so you can offer this service to augment your sales.

4. Social Media Marketing 

You must create an impactful online presence to maximize your reach and build trust among your audience. Once you have launched your content successfully, focus on strengthening social relations. You must make extra efforts to sell your knowledge successfully as an online educator. Host free or promotional webinars, feature on blog posts, create podcasts or audio-visual content for your target audience, etc. Connect to your clients across platforms like Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, and Facebook. You can effectively attract a young audience by spreading the word on these sites.

Sell your knowledge


Being passionate about passing down your words of wisdom is all it requires to be an educator. The rest will be taken care of by your online platform. Thinkific empowers its customers by bringing out the best in them. Course creation with Thinkific is as easy as it gets. The platform welcomes creative ways of teaching to keep the learners engaged.  It has every tool that helps you sell your knowledge and build a business from scratch. With Thinkific, you can tailor life-changing e-courses and yield extremely high revenues. After going through this guide, you can commence your course creation journey and build a thriving business from it.

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