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When running a company online, there’s a lot of information to manage. So, finding the right hosting service becomes crucial. The days of traditional hosting, where data recovery and storage space were a headache, are over. Now, cloud hosting platforms retrieve all your data in seconds and allow you to live worry-free. Cloudways hosting is a popular name in managed cloud hosting for reasons we’ll be listing in this article. 

The Ultimate Managed Hosting Platform

Cloudways Hosting: Overview

A managed hosting platform allows companies to safely store their data in cloud servers and access it whenever possible. Instead of having a physical server, cloud servers have multiple virtual servers interconnected for hosting a particular website. You’ll need vendors to do this for you. They purchase the hardware and store your data across multiple data centers worldwide.

Benefits of managed hosting

Managed hosting has unmatched benefits when compared to traditional hosting. Here are some of them:

  • If you’re running a fast-growing start-up, storage could be an issue. You can control the storage space with managed hosts and reduce or increase it according to your company’s needs.
  • In traditional hosting, if your server fails, it’s a disaster. But, with cloud hosting, data recovery is super quick because you have multiple servers to fall back on. This results in zero loss of information and reduces downtime.
  • Servers with shared data are more encouraging for collaboration and remote work, which are undeniably important today.
  • Anything that lets you keep some extra bucks is worth it, isn’t it? Vendors doing all the hardware purchases and maintenance can cut your IT budget.

5 Reasons Why Cloudways Is The Ultimate Hosting Platform

All statistics available on google are favorable for Cloudways. For example, one user observed the average uptime of Cloudways is 99.99%. Here are five reasons for it.

The Ultimate Managed Hosting Platform

Handles Traffic Excellently

Load management is very important for your website to run smoothly. Cloudways hosting can handle heavy traffic with close to zero downtime and a minimal spike in response time. This will allow the user to have a seamless experience with your website.

You’re experiencing irregular traffic, and it’s becoming difficult to manage. Cloudways is here for you with its vertical scaling feature that lets you upgrade or downgrade your servers.

Secures Your Website

Cloudways protects your logins using two-factor authentication. Google Authenticator or another authentication app generates security codes for your logins. Cloudways’s bot protection keeps hackers at bay, and its built-in firewall prevents malware and cyber attacks on your website. You can block certain IP addresses from gaining access to your website. All this combined gives you the best-in-class security for your website.

The Ultimate Managed Hosting Platform

Easy Backup And Data Recovery

Cloudways performs automated scheduled backups, but you can also choose to customize your backup preferences. You can set the backup frequency that you like, and Cloudways would make a backup schedule adhering to that. 

You can also make an on-demand backup in-case you make major website changes. It also offers local backups, which means you can have a copy of the latest data you backed up.

Cloudways offers one-click recovery, which is the easiest to work with. Damage restoration is much faster and more efficient due to this.

Server Cloning- A Game Changer For Developers

Server cloning involves generating an exact replication of your current server. It’s no secret that getting the server formula right for your application takes a lot of trial and error. Say you come out with an update for your app or website. Do you again have to go through tedious trials to see what works for your server? 

Luckily, no. This is where Cloudways’s server cloning feature can save you. You can clone your server and run whatever tests you want on your website. You can update your application and adapt your website accordingly, and experiment with some new site layouts. Thanks to server cloning, developers can sail through the developmental stages without hassle.

The Ultimate Managed Hosting Platform

Great Pricing And Support

Cloudways hosting operates on the ‘pay as you go model that allows you to pay only for what you’ve used. You can also have a free trial before you sign up. Several pricing options are available, starting from $10 a month for 1 GB ram, 25 GB storage, and 1 TB bandwidth up to $80 per month for 8 GB ram, 160 GB storage, and 5 TB bandwidth.

Cloudways has support for all your queries via live chat. Legal support is available 24/7 and for free. You’ll have to pay quite a bit for advanced and premium support because it comes with various add-ons. 

These include faster response time, better troubleshooting for the advanced plan, and a dedicated account manager with call support for the premium plan.  


Every owner’s responsibility is to get the best services for their website at reasonable costs. Regarding website hosting, the name to note is Cloudways hosting. Cloudways is one of the highest-rated managed hosting providers on G2 for all the right reasons. Currently, more than 51% of websites use automation for their hosting. So, there’s no reason for you to miss this opportunity and fall back in the line. Make an intelligent decision, choose Cloudways, and witness your website’s improvement like never before.

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