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Get Tubebuddy Extension For Chrome: Grow your Youtube Channel

Youtube has transformed substantially over the years. From an amateur video-sharing platform, it has remodified into a platform that creates job opportunities for content creators. As a result, there exist many content creators. This means that the competition is cutthroat. Millions of videos are available for viewers’ consumption. How can a YouTuber compete against so many videos? Easy. Get Tubebuddy extension for chrome. It is the number one browser extension for YouTubers. This article will explain the Tubebuddy extension for chrome in detail. 

What is the Tubebuddy extension for Chrome?

Tubebuddy, a browser extension for chrome, is a video management software. It is built specifically for Youtube. And it helps content creators create, run and optimise their channels. It uses keyword research, search result rank tracking, thumbnail generation and more. It is a certified Youtube SEO tool.

Additionally, it allows YouTubers to schedule the date and time to publish their videos. Tubebuddy extension for chrome advances your content by viewing key analytics on tags and titles. This improves the searchability for youtube content creators. 

Features Offered By Tubebuddy

Below are the most exciting features of the Tubebuddy extension for chrome

Increased Productivity 

Youtube offers only a few basic options to its creators. You need to use Tubebuddy’s various tools to enhance your channel for embedding videos and playlists. 

  • It allows the customisation of your embedded videos and playlists. 
  • It allows your unlisted videos to be published and added to playlists at a future time or date. 
  • It helps create and edit Video Chapters. You wouldn’t want viewers to skim the video and miss important things. Video chapters help viewers find specific content. 
  • Creators can insert emojis into your Titles, tags and descriptions to make them stand out. 
  • It offers advanced ordering and filtering options for your videos. Using this, you can randomise, alphabetise or reverse the sequence of videos in a playlist. 
  • It schedules the video updates at a future time or date.
  • It helps create professional quality thumbnails using stills from your videos. This is a helpful future because you do not have to use any third-party app to design your thumbnails. 
  • The Video Topic Planner is a great productivity tool which saves the video ideas you come up with. It also arranges them in a queue, so you never forget the following content you are planning to create. 

Bulk tools

Bulk Copy tools are a time-saving tool used for cards and annotations. They help create the same cards multiple times. With the help of Bulk Update Tools, you can make changes to all the cards or annotations simultaneously. Another useful Bulk Tool is the Bulk Thumbnail Overlays. It lets you add your logo across all your existing video thumbnails. 

Video SEO

Tubebuddy extension for chrome understands the importance of SEO. It suggests and helps you find the best available tags. The View and Copy Video tags allow you to see and copy tags of other people’s videos. It tells you which keywords are being used by your competitors. It is a time-saving tool for content creators. Its SEO tools allow you to track search engine ranking and find keywords based on recent Google trends. You can also conduct A/B testing to identify titles, descriptions and tags which are high performing. You will also receive alerts about your competitor’s video uploads. 


Tubebuddy extension helps you understand the time when your audience is the most active. This helps content creators to understand the best time for them to Livestream. It also motivates you to celebrate your channel’s success. It shares your recent milestones on various social media platforms. 

Engaging with your audience helps increase views. Tubebuddy extension for chrome helps you run contests across social media. It also helps choose a random winner according to the algorithm you want. For example, the winner is the viewer who comments the most. It helps boost new videos by adding specialized links or codes to promote your channel.  

Data and Research

Data and Research are the most useful tools offered by the Tubebuddy extension. It helps you understand the right time to publish videos, the number of views gathered across different time stamps and the best time to post depending on the audience’s demographics. The Competitor Scoreboard allows creators to compare their channel statistics with rival channels. 


Tubebuddy extension for chrome is free to use. Many users find this extension’s free version sufficient for their channel. However, the free plan comes with its limitations. If you have a channel with a large subscriber base or plan to monetise your channel, you can opt for any of the three packages offered. 


The package costs $9/month. It allows access to the majority of productivity and video SEO tools. This package does not include the option to schedule content and bulk tools.


For $19/month, this pack grants access to all bulk tools available for managing videos which are not included in the pro pack. 


Tubebuddy’s biggest plan costs $49/month. It grants access to all tools such as cross-channel SEO optimisation, competitor analysis and various translation tools.

How to Download Tubebuddy extension for chrome

Step 1

Go to the Chrome Extension Page and search for Tubebuddy extension 

Step 2 

Click on “Install Free Now”

Step 3

Click on “Add to Chrome”

Step 4

Click “Add extension” to start the installation. 

Step 5

Check the Tubebuddy extension for chrome at the top of your browser, next to chrome extensions, to check if it is successfully installed. 

How to Use Tubebuddy extension 

Step 1

After installing, sign in to your Youtube Channel and go to the sign-up page for Tubebuddy. A popup asking to accept terms and conditions will show, then click “Sign-up with Youtube”.

Step 2

Choose the Gmail account which is associated with your Youtube Channel. 

Step 3

Grant access to Tubebuddy by clicking on “Allow”. This extension is now available to use. 


Tubebuddy extension for chrome is created for Youtubers creators. The extension makes Youtube channel management easy. Tubebuddy is also rated as the best extension by Youtube creators. Over 10 million brands and creators trust it. You will find a majority of positive reviews for this chrome extension by its users. Try the Tubebuddy extension for chrome to grow your Youtube Channel. 


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