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You must have witnessed plenty of email marketing software while indulging in internet marketing. GMass is another mail merge tool that enables bulk emails, email marketing campaigns, etc. It is a potential email outreach service that works within your Gmail account and generates search-based email listings. It aids businesses in getting higher open rates and increases their visibility by sending bulk cold emails to prospective clients. 

Nowadays, we can find several marketing tools in the virtual marketplace with only a few clicks. But finding a company or service provider that can match your element is rather arduous. Keeping in mind your business’ budget and the features it demands, you need to find an ideal software. GMass is your one-stop solution for all your marketing needs. This article has a complete cost guide covering all GMass pricing plans methodically, along with some excellent features.

GMass Pricing Tiers

Every virtual platform, irrespective of the industry, offers a range of pricing plans. Likewise, a four-tier GMass pricing plan is designed to befit businesses with varying needs. It permits payments via PayPal, Stripe, Credit card, and even Bitcoins. Below is the ultimate cost guide you will require if you plan to work with GMass. Check out these points to gain useful insights about your email marketing software GMass: 

1. The Standard Plan

This plan is the first on the list of the four paid GMass pricing plans. It offers address verification, backlink scaling, and basic email campaigns and serves good value for your money. Within the ambits of this plan, you can break Gmail’s limits, connect with Google sheets, and know where your emails are landing. Users can send cold emails in bulk by investing in this very plan. It is available at $19.95 a month and is the ideal package for beginners.

Gmass Pricing

2. The Premium Plan

Like most Premium plans, this plan of GMass is also the most renowned. It can efficiently provide API access, basic campaigning tools, A/B Testing, address verification, and more. Alongside all these extensive functionalities, the Premium plan offers all basic services under the Standard plan. It costs $29.95 per month to have the Premium plan running. 

Gmass Pricing

3. The Enterprise Plan

 The services offered under this plan include sequences and follow-ups, high-priority support, mail merge personalization, conditional content, A/B testing, and so on. This plan begins from $49.95, billed monthly. It is a complete package of email marketing tools for already existing businesses. 

Enterprise plan

4. The Team Premium Plan

This plan can be available at $125 and can be accessed in Portuguese, Japanese, German, Spanish, and French alongside English. This plan is a little expensive but has everything you can ask for, including website licensing, tax-exempt ordering, a live chat option, email support, etc. You can renew this subscription annually at $10.80. The Team Premium plan is highly compatible with windows, MacBooks, and cell phones. 

5. Free Plan 

After covering all the paid plans offered under GMass pricing, it is time to get acquainted with the Free plan. This plan lets you send messages in your email merge to a maximum of 50 contacts per day. It is one limitation of the Free trial; otherwise, users can access every other feature that comes with the paid plans.

Features of GMass 

GMass is a best-in-class platform to cater to all your email marketing needs. It has constantly solved the problems of millions of e-commerce business enterprises. Given below are some reasons why you should opt for GMass if you want to engage a wider customer base and boost your sales: 

  • Template Management and instant push notifications
  • Mails can be merged in Gmail with data from Google Sheets 
  • Email Drip Campaigns 
  • Ease of Use can be experienced
  • Contact Database 
  • You can track email management rates effortlessly
  • Creating recipient lists based on Gmail search results is made possible 
  • Mailing Frequency Limits 
  • Autoresponders via automation segmentation 
  • Event-triggered emails 
  • Users can have a personalized experience while sending mass emails.

A Snippet at GMass Pricing Plans 

The following features are core services in which GMass has expertise. The table contains highlights of functionalities offered by varying GMass pricing plans. Check these out to have an overview of the cost guide of GMass. 

Mail Merge PersonalizationYesYesYes
Basic CampaignsYesYesYes
Conditional ContentNoYesYes
A/B TestingNoYesYes
Sequences and Follow-upsNoYesYes
API AccessNoYesYes
High Priority SupportNoNoYes

Final Words 

It can be quite challenging for online business operators to search for a credible marketing source at affordable prices. GMass is one mail merge system that lets you decide the price option according to your convenience. It advances monthly and yearly pricing plans in addition to a free trial. Every business is one of its kind, and GMass pricing enables all such enterprises to leverage the best marketing tools. From the beginner-friendly Standard plan to a complete package under the Enterprise subscription, GMass pricing plans cater to customers’ needs globally. You can walk through the above cost guide, which will give you a precise idea about GMass and its price structure. 


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