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Generate Leads With GetResponse For Your Business

Gaining new customers online can be both a daunting and challenging task. It should be obvious that generating leads becomes a crucial part of running a successful business. But the big question arises, how to generate leads for your brand? You might be thinking of multichannel strategies that fit your marketing toolbox, but you are confused about opting for the right one.

No need to think anymore as “GetResponse” comes with great marketing automation capabilities. It is an online platform that features email marketing, webinars, landing page creators, and more. Dig into it. However, you’ll find a simple logical workflow that’ll walk you through the automation process without any learning curve.

Generating Leads Online With GetResponse

GetResponse helps you to empower your business & generate more leads online. To reach your target audience, you must build trust, visibility & credibility in your business. In this article, we’ll discuss how to generate leads with GetResponse for your business & share some beneficial tips & techniques.

Tip: 1 Create Sign-up forms for your website

Sign-up forms get you closer to your potential customers. It’s a simple & affordable way to increase leads and create more conversions through your web page. Interested people visit your website and explore your website by filling up the sign-up form. It’s a way to learn more about the visitors most interested in your brand, product, or service.

Benefits Of Sign-up forms

  • Sign-up forms are very beneficial in generating successful marketing campaigns.
  • Target a broader audience.
  • Build strong relationships with potential customers.
  • Boost your content marketing strategy.

Tip: 2 Social-Ads Creator

To connect with your targeted audience, you must be socially active. Create awareness among your customers by making attractive videos, banners, and slideshows. Social media is a great tool to generate leads and provides the best lead magnets.

You can quickly create & manage social media content with GetResponse Social Ads Creator- an app to collect direct leads with targeted marketing. Advertise your products on social media with thumb-stopping videos and eye-catching posters & get new traffic. 

Tip: 3 Create a Landing page for your newsletter or product

The landing page makes it easy for people to buy your product. A landing page is simply a web page specifically created for marketing or advertising content. It can be a sign-up page for your newsletter that you can promote on Facebook. GetResponse Landing pages help you track and report traffic throughout your entire website.

Here are the four ways that GetResponse Landing pages use to generate leads.

Offer Educational courses & programs.
GetResponse offers a wide range of educational courses and programs. It is aimed at offering prospects and generating qualified leads through a free educational email course. Through this, the chances of visitors may increase.
Generate Webinar attendees
GetResponse post-clicking Landing page lets companies get people from Facebook and Twitter to register for an upcoming webinar. On clicking the link on social media, the prospect is brought to the click-through post-click landing page, which ultimately generates leads.
Generate resource downloads
You can Download guides, reports, whitepapers, and ebooks from the “Resources” section of the GetResponse website. This page is highly recommended to capture leads.
Offer free trials
GetResponse provides an abundant variety of free trials. The brand uses this tool for many of its product features. When your visitor clicks on “Try It Free” on any product feature page, GetResponse sends you to its sign-up page. It is a kind of tricky promotion that converts visitors into customers.

Tip: 4 Generate leads using Google Search Ads

Get more qualified leads and customers with Google Ads. Simplified Google Ads creator is available in your GetResponse account to empower your business. Google Ads is a pay-per-click (PPC) platform for advertisement. It entitles you to reach your potential customers. 

You need an active Google Ads account with a credit card that allows you to create Google Ads directly in GetResponse. Here you can see the simple techniques to help you achieve your targets.

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Find new customers with Google Ads.

Every day people look for products & services per their needs & wants. Let’s make it easy for them to find you and bring more potential customers to your business.

  • Show your brand in Google Ads for better targeting.
  • Pick simple keywords that will match your ad with relevant search terms.
Start Collecting leads
Start collecting leads when your customers engage with your Google Search Ads.
Increase ad conversion
Enhance your ads with lead forms to collect valuable data.
Get sales quicker
Instantly follow up with your new leads using email marketing.
Optimize existing ads
Try different content, change daily budgets and try adding lead forms.

Tip: 5 Run Webinars and interact with your audience

Webinars allow you to reach your targeted audience in real-time. It is the most effective lead generation tool. An accomplished and well-planned webinar is a standalone lead generation campaign.

Get your business online with GetResponse no-download, an easy-to-use “Webinar Builder.” You can connect with your audience anywhere, anytime, to increase conversions and engagements.

GetResponse Webinar provides you with the following features:

  • Host unlimited webinars
  • Get a room for up to 1000 live attendees
  • Store up to 20 hours of webinar recordings
  • Share the stage with two other presenters

Nurture your leads with email invites & reminders

You can choose from the professionally designed gallery of free invitation templates available in GetResponse. You don’t need to fill in your webinar details as it automatically prefills. Generate leads by inviting new users via emails to join your webinar. 

  • Automatically follow up with your audience.
  • Run automated nurturing campaigns
  • Promote your special offers & events

The Last Word

Generating leads for your eCommerce business with GetResponse gives your brand the full exposure it deserves. Any business’s cornerstone is to generate leads and acquire potential customers across different locations. So, turn your anonymous connections into loyal fans with amazing lead generation tools of GetResponse. If you’re starting & building your audience from scratch, GetResponse would be an ideal choice.

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