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Thinkific Price Update: New Pricing And Plans

Thinkific, a popular platform for creating, marketing, and selling your expertise, has recently announced a price update. Thinkific upgraded the pricing for each plan. All plans have different price changes than the earlier plans. It also has a free plan that offers a test drive of Thinkific’s core features. There have been price hikes in the Basic and Pro plans, now known as Start and Grow. Thinkific has also changed some features in certain plans and introduced Thinkific Plus, which we will cover in detail. We’ll tell you all about the Thinkific Price Update in this article. Its three-tier pricing plan, Basic, Pro, and Premier, is now four-tiered. 

Updated Pricing Plans

 Thinkific offers 5 amazing plans, so everyone has something that’ll suit them. You can choose to bill your plan on a monthly or annual basis. The annual ones come with 25% discounts. You also get instant access to funds, no transaction fees, and secure payments. Here’s a curated list of the Thinkific price update.

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The Free Plan

With Thinkific, you can create and kick off your first project for free. Here’s what you get under this plan:

  • 1 course
  • 1 administrator
  • Quizzes, surveys about course content, and several website templates
  •  Complete ownership of content
  • Integrated e-commerce helps you sell your product without any transaction fee.
  • You can have upto 1000 students and your e-mail and chatbot for support.
  • Thinkific also gives access to its foundation courses and app store.

The Start Plan

This plan costs $99 per month if billed month-to-month and $74 per month if you want to bill annually. Besides the features of the free plan, here’s all it covers.

  • 10 courses
  • 1 community and 1 administrator
  • You can have upto 2500 students here.
  • Custom domains to make the experience personalized
  • You can take live classes for students and give assignments as well.
  • Coupons, discounts, and membership plans are all available for your current students.
  • This plan certainly has more ways to earn, including affiliate options and advanced courses from Thinkific Academy.

The Grow Plan

This plan costs $199 per month when billed monthly and $149 per month if billed annually. It has a complete suite of features to help you grow your business. It has everything the ‘start’ plan has and more. The ‘Grow’ Plan is also the most popular plan among owners and here’s why:

  • 25 courses
  • 3 communities and 2 administrators
  • With this plan, you get to have 5000 current students.
  • Advanced features like phone and e-mail start getting added from this plan onwards.
  • The course-building options also become top-notch, and you can do bulk enrollments.
  • You can send bulk e-mailers to your students to connect with them better.
  • The best feature of this plan is that you gain API access and eliminate the Thinkific branding, making your courses look more professional.

The Expand Plan

As per this plan, Thinkific charges $399 per month for monthly subscriptions and $299 per month for annual subscriptions. The ‘Expand’ plan gives much scope for scaling your business because of all the finishing touches it incorporates.

 Rapidly growing start-ups or businesses that want their product to be of higher quality are a great fit for this plan.  It includes all features of the ‘Grow’ plan and further offers the following.

  • 75 courses
  • 10 communities and 5 administrators
  • 10,000 current students as the higher limit
  • Thinkific is very easy to work with because you need zero coding skills. But as you grow, you’ll need advanced website code editing, covered under this plan.
  • You also get custom SSL certificates for stronger encryption and can customize your checkout experience.

The Plus Plan

The newly introduced ‘Plus’ plan gives you access to Thinkific plus, a new platform altogether. The pricing for this one isn’t fixed. You’ll have to contact Thinkific to discuss the custom pricing for your business. This plan is for advanced users who are in the making of their business empire. It has everything from the ‘Expand’ plan and a lot more. Here’s a list:

  • Unlimited products(courses) and administrators.
  • You can operate through multiple Thinkific sites and get a committed customer support manager. It streamlines your workflows and gives your students a smoother experience while on your site.
  • To add to the experience, you can get multiple seats and tiered pricing to have different price points tailored to your buyers’ needs.
  • Bulk selling is advantageous, and a single sign-on option allows for increased compliance.
  • You can white label your e-mails to keep them out of your users’ spam folders and make your e-mails more deliverable.


Now you’re well suited to choose your pricing plan after knowing about Thinkific’s price update. Feel free to reach out if any queries persist. Choose one that caters to your situation and will help weed out the problem you’re currently facing.

 Some prices have seen hikes, and others have extra features. Be thorough with the changes made and then decide. Once you do that, Thinkific will do the rest by giving you the best platform to market and sell your courses.

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