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Steps To Increase Traffic On YouTube: TubeBuddy 

YouTube is a major source of income for nearly 51 million creators. Over 1 Billion hours of content is consumed daily. It is one of the biggest platforms available for creative personalities to showcase their talent in front of a worldwide audience. Generating revenue and reaching popularity from YouTube depends on your channel’s traffic. Starting a channel is the only easiest step in the entire process. However, generating organic traffic, which can convert into earnings and reach a larger subscriber base, takes calculated efforts. TubeBuddy is the solution to all your problems. This article will show you ways to increase traffic on YouTube using TubeBuddy. 

Ways to increase traffic on YouTube

TubeBuddy is a free video management software that enhances the performance of your channel. It is available in the form of a web browser extension and app. It is the best Video SEO tool available for YouTubers. Its user-friendly design makes it easier for creators to navigate the extension. TubeBuddy offers legitimate tools to help increase traffic on YouTube and grow your channel. Here are a few things which will help you increase traffic on YouTube

  1. Keyword Explorer

Keyword Explorer is the utmost important research tool for YouTube.Your video will reach your desired audience only when it is optimized. Only then will viewers be able to find the video using different search words. With the help of this tool, you can increase traffic on YouTube. 

Importance of Keyword Explorer

  • Videos rank higher on search results. 
  • It helps you research long-tailed search terms to reach the desired audience.
  • You can discover trending tags to maintain the relevancy of your videos uploaded. 

You can find the Keyword Explorer on the main TubeBuddy menu. Another way to access this tool is by clicking on the ‘explore’ button in the Video details screen. 

  1. Search Positions 

The primary goal of YouTubers is to optimize their videos to reach a larger viewer base. To do this, you also need to track your efforts. If you understand what genuinely works for you or is causing a hindrance, it can help you find different ways to increase traffic on YouTube. 

Importance of Search Positions

  • You know where your video ranks when viewers search for it. 
  • It helps you analyze the tags that aren’t helping you and should be removed or changed. 
  • It enables you to check video rank changes every week. 

You can locate this tool on the ‘My Videos’ page on YouTube under the TubeBuddy menu. 

  1. Video A/B Tests

An optimized video and inviting video description can only help so much if your click-through rate is low. If your videos are not retaining viewers for a longer time, you will slip lower in search rankings. Use the video A/B testing tools to avoid the channel’s downfall by identifying areas that need improvements which will ultimately help increase traffic on YouTube.  

Importance of A/B testing

  • It helps you figure out which thumbnails are working to your advantage. 
  • It helps choose the best Title Styles to attract traffic. 
  • It analyses whether the changes to your title, tags, or description affect traffic. 
  • This feature is not available on YouTube, making TubeBuddy the perfect option. 

This tool is present on TubeBuddy’s dashboard. 

  1. Promotion Tools

YouTuber is a social media platform. However, viewers come from different social media apps. It makes it prudent to utilize other social media sites to promote your content fully. It is perfect for getting the word out and increasing traffic on YouTube. Alert your audience every time you create a video to make them aware. 

Importance of Promotion tools

  • It helps you identify the best time to publish your videos. 
  • It helps you determine the time at which the viewers are most active. 
  • It lets you embed a video player on your website or blog. 
  • You can promote it on Facebook, Twitter, etc. 
  • It helps conduct contests to engage your audience. 
  1. Data and Research Tools

YouTube channels do not turn popular overnight. You need to make conscious efforts to set a standard for your channel. It involves making changes repeatedly and creating content with new, original, and innovative ideas to capture your audience’s undivided attention. It is only possible after analyzing your channel, using the trial and error method, and experimenting. TubeBuddy provides data and research tools to help determine different methods to increase traffic on YouTube. 

Important of Data and Research Tools 

  • This tool helps you understand the channel’s valuation. 
  • It offers a tool called Channelytics. It is a way to compare your data with your competitors.
  • It helps devise a Competitor Scoreboard to help you see how your channel performs compared to your competitors. 
  • It sends out alerts whenever your competitor uploads their content. 
  • It performs language analysis to understand your audience’s demographics. 

These various tools are available under TubeBuddy’s menu. 


Final Thoughts 

YouTubers understand the competition in their field. Hence, they need to be on their toes at all times. Scratching your mind to create the best content is difficult. But, what’s even more traumatizing is when these efforts fail. The best-created video, thumbnail, and dedicated hours of patience and research can go down the drain if you do not use authentic and legitimized tools. TubeBuddy offers a wide variety of helpful tools which guarantee results. These tools help you increase traffic on YouTube.

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