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For so many years, we have witnessed a plethora of institutes that offer various courses offline. And post-Covid 19, all industries gradually moved online. It was a relief to most people that now decision-making would be a simple endeavor.  But the virtual learning space is no different. A multitude of learning platforms offers course creation for a varied audience. Two such cloud-based learning management systems are Teachable and Thinkific.

Teachable vs. Thinkific is a long, drawn-out battle. Both are global platforms where people create and sell courses to impart knowledge. As niches differ, interests differ, and so does the platform. And when such remarkable platforms compete, it gets way more difficult to choose sides. We have come up with an unbiased list of all the differences between the two platforms. Check it out to get better insight into the platform that caters to all your needs.

Teachable Vs. Thinkific: Same Or Different?

There are a lot of similarities between Teachable and Thinkific. But making a distinction between the two platforms can be an arduous task. By minute observation, we have tried to solve the dilemma of Teachable vs. Thinkific. Here is a curated list that distinguishes the former from the latter:

1.      Quizzing Features

Although both offer a diverse range of quizzes, Thinkific has a slight edge over Teachable. Teachable offers graded and non-graded types of quizzes to add to lectures. Quizzes on Thinkific come with randomized question sets, comprehensive exam solutions, assessments, and so on. This feature makes Thinkific the winner in the Teachable vs. Thinkific battle.

1. Thinkific allows easy import of questions in file format for quiz1. Teachable tracks minimum and maximum scores of students 
2. The platform provides a template for first-time-users 2. Types of quizzes offered- Graded  & Non-graded
3. Images and videos can be attached to make the content engaging.3. A leaderboard to track the individual progress of each learner

2.      Pricing and Payment Integration

The price of a product is a deciding factor when purchasing anything. Naturally, a user will also compare the price of Teachable vs. Thinkific. These two are billed on an annual basis. While both offer free plans without overhead costs, Teachable gets ahead of Thinkific because of a lower starting price. 

Both platforms provide equally well payment gateway from PayPal, Stripe, etc. It gets quite difficult to judge the two based on the parameter of payment integration.

                    Thinkific                     Teachable 
1. Thinkific offers a 20% discount on annual subscriptions1. Teachable offers pricing plans ranging from Basic to Pro to Business.
2. Less probability of downtime or failed transactions2. Secure and reliable payment integration

3.      Sales Page

The website landing page of Teachable and Thinkific has ample customization options. Both platforms offer commendable affiliate marketing functions. Thinkific, through its drag-and-drop options, permits ease of arrangement. The platform has an excellent design system with a sleek finish. Thinkific enables editing course banners, CTA, ratings, and overview, among other things.

Teachable, on the other hand, enables adjusting of the HTML code by the user. It also offers a smooth sales page operation along with efficacious drag-and-drop features. Teachable has a free master class on sales page design and offers pre-written code templates.

Teachable wins out on this basis of comparison.

                  Thinkific                Teachable
1. A potential website with a wide range of themes.1. The sales page has a neat finish with smooth functionality
2. Thinkific allows you to edit the Author’s bio, course banners, curriculum overview, etc.2. It lets you go in and curate the HTML code accordingly


4.      Taxation

Teachable offers automated tax collection, while Thinkific does not. Thinkific provides credible third-party integration tools to manage taxes efficiently. Teachable has the feature of handling VAT MOSS taxes automatically. In comparison, Thinkific does not offer this tax processing system. Teachable sends out relevant tax documentation via an automatic system ( BackOffice). It also supports international sales and tax collection. So, Teachable is better at taxation in this comparison of Teachable vs. Thinkific.

                    Thinkific                   Teachable
1. Easy management of sales tax, GST, etc.1. The platform handles EU VAT efficiently
2. Thinkific does not handle affiliate payouts or EU VAT. 2. Automation is offered while processing taxation.

5.      Security Measures

The online setup has its pros and cons. Cybersecurity is the biggest concern of internet users, and they prefer websites that offer a safe environment. Teachable vs. Thinkific is a very close call in determining security measures. Thinkific offers automatic backups, in-built SSL certificates, and secure cloud hosting, among other things. In contrast, Teachable allows you to control and manage your data and notifies you of every latest security feature.

As Thinkific offers a variety of security measures, it can be preferred over Teachable if your focal point is cyber safety.

                  Thinkific                 Teachable
1. The platform is monitored round the clock to ensure no security breach1. Teachable provides integration with PCI level-1 payment providers 
2. Automatic security update notifications send out periodically. 2. Complete ownership of data by the user and automatic updates

6.      Email Integration

Teachable enables sending emails to students on a customizable drip schedule. And it offers easy integration of emails from MailChimp, Zapier, etc. On the contrary, easy customization of drip schedules does not come under Thinkific’s ambit. It automatically notifies users about emails and provides double email integration services. Some services include MailChimp, ConvertKit, AWeber, and Constant Contact. So, Thinkific nudges out this win.

Teachable vs. Thinkific
                    Thinkific                 Teachable 
1.No drip schedule customization available1. A customizable drip schedule for sending emails
2. Thinkific offers two times the email integration services than Teachable2. Email services- Zapier, ConvertKit, MailChimp

7.      Analysing Data

Data has to be arranged methodically and observed properly, and then one can arrive at a conclusion. Dealing with cumbersome data demands a suitable set of analytics tools. Thinkific offers personalized access to data, effortless integration with data analytics, etc. Teachable helps filter data easily and leverage first and last touch attribution, among others. While both are equally capable of tracking the customer journey, some factors make Teachable a more viable source. In the Teachable vs. Thinkific data analysis comparison, Teachable leverages its data more effectively than Thinkific.

                  Thinkific                    Teachable
1. The platform runs personalized campaigns for the target audience.1. Teachable offers an easy export of data regarding the course and students
2. Thinkific has filters to check the status of individual learners2.  Leverage robust data integration using Zapier
3. Easy integration with data analytics made possible3. Aligns lectures with individual learners’ average completion rate and allows users to define it
Teachable vs. Thinkific

8.      Ease of Use

It is already challenging for the tutor to teach via a screen. He will prefer a platform that provides a user-friendly, smooth experience. The eLearning platform with a complicated interface will certainly not be the first choice of any user. Teachable tends to offer an easily operatable website with a language modifier, page editor, etc. Thinkific website also requires no coding, enables integration, supports all multimedia content, and so on. But it has been observed that Teachable is highly functional, customizable, and more convenient to use. It requires no prior technical knowledge and is beginner-friendly.

Teachable vs. Thinkific
                  Thinkific                          Teachable
1. Drag and drop options to make content uploading a piece of cake1. A beginner-friendly website with an uncomplicated interface
2. Free hosting of visual content is permissible2. Teachable gives a multi-channel user experience across cell phones, tablets, iPads, etc.
Teachable vs. Thinkific


Teachable vs. Thinkific has been a debatable topic for a long while. The users of both platforms face a constant dilemma as to which is better. It gets difficult to judge because both platforms are equally good. It completely depends on the user and his preference. 

Choice and basis of comparison differ from person to person. Some users might want chic designs and templates. Others might look forward to efficient course creation without much hassle. Some would be conscious of their privacy and look for a secure platform to establish their business. The platform might vary depending on the user’s niche, propensity, and other parameters. But once you have walked through all the above points, you can make a well-informed decision regarding which platform suits your needs.  

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