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There has been a lot of turbulence in the teaching industry post-pandemic. Educators, as well as learners, have been gradually shifting to this virtual medium. The teaching industry is ever-evolving, and it is also evident that the future lies in technology. But finding a decent LMS for course creation can be challenging. It is as important as the quality of your content. We have a constant debate between Thinkific vs. Teachable vs. Kajabi, three of the leading eLearning platforms. Judging which platform is better for setting up a substantial online business is grueling. To deal with your dilemma, you can check the differences between Thinkific vs. Teachable vs. Kajabi listed below. 

Thinkific Vs. Teachable Vs. Kajabi: Differentiation

Thinkific, Teachable, and Kajabi are all-in-one platforms that lead the industry.

All three platforms enable creating, selling, and marketing courses a piece of cake. There are several parameters that you need to consider while distinguishing between Thinkific vs. Teachable vs. Kajabi thoroughly. We have tried to get a solution to this daily problem by making a distinction between Thinkific vs. Teachable vs. Kajabi. Below is the listing that will allow you to make quicker decisions: 

  1. Website Features 

Building a business across a website is more challenging as your online presence speaks on your behalf. An ideal website that can convert leads has to be captivating and smoothly functioning. It will multiply the prospects of augmenting your business, allowing you to impart knowledge to the masses globally. 

  • Thinkific unifies your website with a full-scale brand site and disorients users from the subdomain. The platform has pages divided into sections, and you choose how your site should appear from the pre-built themes. 
  • The website of Teachable can be set up as a regular homepage or a sales page. Its page builder is intuitive and provides you with tools to build your site and course.
  • Kajabi brings you the best site integration services. You can boost your sales by integrating the page into a sale pipeline. It has a flexible page builder that will work wonders for entrepreneurs or start-ups.   
        THINKIFIC        TEACHABLE            KAJABI
1. Choose from three built-in themes1. Websites are used as a course landing page or sales page1. Page Builder comes with six pre-built styles and templates.
2. Pages are segmented and have customization options.2. Teachable has a limited scope of customization. 2. Kajabi offers advanced functionality and has a powerful page builder.
Website features

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2. Pricing

When we purchase something, we first acknowledge the product’s price.

Similarly, online platforms also offer subscriptions in various ranges. Based on pricing plans, it is difficult to decide between Thinkific vs. Teachable vs. Kajabi because each platform has some element of surprise. Limited features are present in the regular plan, but as prices increase, features also become advanced. All three platforms offer subscriptions on either a monthly or an annual basis. Great deals and discount offer presumably come with the annual subscriptions.

  • Thinkific offers three-tier courses and a free trial: Basic, Pro/Growth, and Premier. 
  • Teachable advances Basic, Pro, and Business plans.
  •  Kajabi has courses ranging from the Basic to the Growth and Pro plans. 
Free SubscriptionLimited to 3courses          N/A        N/A
Tier 1 Basic           $39Basic          $29Basic        $119
Tier 2Pro+Growth $79Pro              $99Growth     $159
Tier 3Premier       $399Business     $249Pro           $319

3. Tracking Revenue

Educators can experience pangs of demotivation because of not knowing the trend of revenue received. It can also keep them from making good course content. All the eLearning platforms offer tools for users to keep an eye on the revenue reports. These special tools record the sources from which revenue is generated, the number of customers, the courses that generate the most sales, and so on. 

  • Thinkific allows its users to access revenue reports with the Pro+Growth plan. The “Advanced Reports” offer reports on revenue over time and orders over time.
  • On the other hand, Teachable gives the dashboard basic information about sales, orders, and profit accrued. It gives “ Transaction History” reports that educators can access to know the whereabouts of revenue generation on respective courses. 
  • Kajabi offers crisp revenue reports as a default home view. It digs deeper than other platforms and tells users about affiliate revenue, email conversion rates, etc.  
1. Thinkific has an “Advanced Reports” option with the Pro+Growth plan1. The dashboard is highly flexible and gives information regarding sales funnel, orders, etc.1. Offer “pipeline analytics” that grant access to conversion rates linked to the sales pipeline.
2. Reporting is done in 2 ways- Revenue and Orders over time2. “Transaction Histwithorts are available to know the nitty-gritty of your revenue trends.2. Overall, revenue reporting tools are accommodating and user-friendly.

4. Student Analytics 

This parameter elaborates on each aspect of the course content. It focuses on how well each course achieves its objective and how individual lectures, textual content, etc., perform. The core attention is on analyzing whether students can digest the context of the course. Based on student analytics, it is rather difficult to choose between Thinkiifc vs. Teachable vs. Kajabi, as each platform has commendable ratings.

  • Thinkific offers progress reports tracking each learner’s pace of course completion, incomplete lectures, start and end date of the course, etc. You can check quiz reports for an individual student or all learners at once. 
  • Teachable only advances are reporting tools over its Pro subscriptions. It uniquely filters the learner’s analytics and determines the lecture most engaging for students, their average quiz scores, etc.
  • The “Progress Reports” section in Kajabi lets educators track the performance level of students course by course. Kajabi, with its innovative video analytics feature, lets you see the trend in each segment of the video lectures.  
1. A series of “Progress Reports” to view student analytics1.“Reports” screen advances reporting tools.1. Commendable video analytics features.
2. Get quiz results quickly, know when learners begin and end courses, courses finished by them, etc.2. Very precise, crisp, and in-depth information2. “Progress Reports” to track the performance of individual learners.
3. Video analytics for every uploaded lecture is made available.3. A dashboard provides the aggregates regarding the entire course.3. A leaderboard with information regarding students’ pace, number of logins, and so on.
Thinkific vs. Teachable vs. Kajabi

5. Progress and Feedback

Creating an online course can be overwhelming for educators. Still, it has to be ensured that the learners can connect with the content. Tutors must provide learners with comprehensive tools to help them absorb the material well. The best way to get acquainted with students’ progress is by conducting tests and quizzes. By collecting feedback through surveys, questionnaires, or polls, educators can get information about learners’ experiences.

  • Thinkific offers quizzes, including multiple-choice questions that can be graded and non-graded. Surveys on Thinkific can provide you with detailed feedback. 
  • Teachable has built-in quizzes for its learners but offers to grade only with the Pro package and above. Teachable can conduct surveys by integrating with Google forms. 
  • Quizzes in Kajabi go by the name “assessments” and consist of MCQs, lengthy textual questions, and so on. Kajabi does not have a separate survey feature to get feedback from learners, and you can use embedded forms or build non-graded assessments. 
1. Quizzes are offered in the MCQ format, along with randomized question tools.1. Features like “Course compliance” and “Enforced video watching,” etc. are offered.1. Does not have straightforward names for quizzes and surveys. The quiz is known as Assessment.
2. Format flexibility is provided by surveys and can receive detailed reviews.2. Surveys are conducted by integrating with third-party tools.2. Surveys are unavailable per se, but we can still collect feedback.

6. Course Design and Interface

The Thinkific vs. Teachable vs. Kajabi battle is not ending without looking into the user interface of the respective platforms. The learners’ experience during the entire course is a critical aspect of LMS. Whether the target audience is satisfied with the structure of the course, its design, progress tracker, assignments, etc., is important. 

  • Thinkific has a professional course structure and design. The Course Player is easy-to-use and can be used by people with a non-tech background also. The intuitive dashboard offers a range of progress indicators, incomplete lectures, etc.
  •  Teachable’s interface has a clean and minimalistic persona. Creating course content is extremely easy because of Teachable’s beginner-friendly interface. 
  • Kajabi has a rather modern and impressive interface too. It has a great sales funnel and efficiently manages lectures under multimedia courses.
Course design
1. The quiz interface is appealing and professional.1. Side bar is found to be a bit occupied, but the overall look is polished.1. Professionalism pours out from this website.
2. Progress trackers are comprehensible and come in handy.2. User-friendly interface and does not require much hassle.2. Progress indicators on the site seem imperceptible. 
Thinkific vs. Teachable vs. Kajabi


Thinkific vs. Teachable vs. Kajabi has been a debatable topic for a long while. Each platform seems equally great from the outside. But after minutely observing the various trends in the three eLearning platforms, we have concluded that each website can be unique based on unique preferences.

There can be various permutations and combinations of demands by users. And therefore, every user has to get a precise idea of what their business and audience require. This battle of Thinkific vs. Teachable vs. Kajabi is long-drawn, and there is no single answer as to which is the best. Users can go through the above distinctions to individually decide for themselves.

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