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Zoho Commerce: All you need to know

It has become a burden for small businesses to grab the attention of curious browsers on the Internet. So if you are quietly contemplating the idea of starting something online of your own, then you can explore an e-commerce platform like Zoho Commerce. A powerful and affordable e-commerce software suitable for home or small businesses. All requisite tools are available to build a website, manage shipments, accept orders, track inventory, process payments, etc. One of the best global e-commerce platforms assisting traders in more than 30 countries.

Things You Should Know About Zoho Commerce

Get started with its latest technology and professional templates. You can do much more with Zoho Commerce than merely selling the product. The options are endless, from public speaking coaches to interior design consultants. 

Build an eCommerce website

Get a professionally designed online store without a designer price tag. Zoho Commerce comes with a drag-and-drop store builder, multiple payment gateways, order and shipping management tools, and other exciting features. Design and customize your website without any prior coding experience. You can create your eCommerce website in just five simple steps.

Step 1: Design Effortlessly

Design your online store yourself with drag and drop builder and professional website templates.

Step 2: Add Products

Add or import your products, including descriptions, specifications, and images. 

Step 3: Showcase them with care

Organize your products into different categories and collections. Try to make it easy for customers to find them smoothly. 

Step 4: Instantly live

Go online with one click and see updates notified on your mobile-optimized website instantly.

Step: 5 Payment, Taxes, and Shipping

Include multiple payment gateways, location-specific tax rates, and shipping options to your store.

Manage your store

Run your entire store using one program. Zoho Commerce handles everything for you- order management, shipping integration, SEO product catalogs, email automation, payment gateways, and more. You can manage and process your orders through this. It helps track payment patterns to identify any fraudulent transactions.

Product Management

  • You can add or migrate your products to your store with a single click. 
  • It is considerable in developing, positioning, launching, forecasting, pricing, and marketing a product.

Batch & serial tracking

  • In Zoho Commerce, an item can be a serial number or Batch tracked. You can easily track your inventory and control what is sent out & when.
  • You can create Batch tracked items if you enable the option. To do so, Navigate to Settings(Gear Icon) > Preferences > Items.
  • Select Batch Tracking as your method of stock tracking under “How do you want to track your items?”
  • With this, you can manage all products, sales, and returns effortlessly.

Manage Customers

  • Give your customers access to view their order history, current orders, and saved billing & shipping addresses. 
  • Allow them to cancel or return their orders and post product reviews.

Shipping & Delivery management

  • Define your shipping slots and display accurate delivery times so customers can select as per their convenient day hours. 
  • Integrate with your favorite shipping carrier to execute the shipping process.

Ecommerce Sales Tax

  • Zoho Books easily file taxes, prepare returns, and monitor your accounting.
  • You can automate tax calculations according to your global sales.
  • Sync your online store and record all of your transactions.

Market your store online

Zoho Commerce allows you to engage with your customers within the same dashboard. It converts website visitors, encourages repeat purchasing, and recovers lost sales inside the same app where you built your store. Interact with your customers and invoke them with responsive headlines and trustable content. As prospective visitors become accustomed to what they want and when they want, make them believe they matter to you. Here you can find various ways to market your store online, such as:

Advanced coupon implementation

There is no better way to convert website visitors into customers than by offering coupons. You can offer individualized discounts for different products, categories, collections, customers, or shipping zones. It is the most effective tactic to distribute coupon codes from inside your website. It lets you directly reach out to a highly relevant audience and promote your offers, releases, and promotions.

Recover abandoned carts

Send strategic follow-up emails to customers who have added products to their shopping cart but failed to complete their transactions. This built-in feature helps reduce your abandoned cart rate. It is very effective in growing online business. 

User-generated content

Customer satisfaction and reviews matter in any marketing. Collect customer reviews and opinions to boost your online presence. These reviews have search-friendly keywords that enhance your organic presence. Customer is the king, so try to give them achievable and realistic content.

Features of Zoho Commerce

In this part, we will discuss some features of Zoho Commerce and how it can benefit your business.

Customized store

Explore different options available in Zoho Commerce that help you create and customize your storefront. You can build your entire eCommerce website from scratch quickly with a drag-and-drop builder and pre-defined templates. Building your custom forefront, creating a blog, and adding new landing pages- are all you can perform within the same platform.

Real-time Updates

With Zoho Commerce, you can manage your inventory in real-time with updated stock information, warehouse transfers, and shipment tracking.

Multi-Channel Marketing

Different customers have different choices, tastes, and preferences. Zoho Commerce enables you to construct customized customer journeys to communicate effectively during the buying process to satisfy customer needs and wants.

Product cataloging

Zoho Commerce ensures product cataloging. You don’t need any coding skills to catalog your products into different categories and collections.


Zoho Commerce provides many easy building tools to create a sustainable brand. Connect your online store in Zoho Commerce, promote your products, automate the engagement with your customers, scale your growth and earn a greater return on your investment. 

So, don’t get yourself confused in making an online appearance. Start creating your online store with Zoho Commerce from today itself. The software is very easy to use and has a variety of design templates to choose the best one. The best part about this application is that you can make your website the way you want without coding.

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