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Zoho People Plus: Pricing & Detailed guide

Everyone knows of the demand versus supply mismatch in almost every industry regarding hiring candidates. All companies want to find the best talent to hire and keep them. If we’re updating how we hire, why not update how we manage employees? Updation is exactly what Zoho People Plus is all about. It is the best destination for all your HR needs. 

Zoho People Plus will help you provide a great employee life cycle from recruitment to retirement. It has several tools to streamline your HR process and chuck out any chances of mismanagement. We’ll detail in this article all the features it has to help you achieve that.


Zoho People Plus provides a free trial, after which you can avail of its services at 350 rupees per month per user if billed annually. The month-to-month payment will cost you 450 rupees per month per user. The price can’t improve if you ask us for its best-in-class features. The prices mentioned here are without any local tax additions.

You can also get a partial or complete refund if unsatisfied with its services.

The 7 Pillars Of Zoho People Plus

You can’t do it with one or two tools when you need everything from talent acquisition to HR controls like payroll and employee engagement. You need a full suite. The Zoho People Plus gives you exactly that with its seven included applications. They will assist you in keeping great employee relationships from day one till retirement. Here’s a list of them:

Zoho Recruit

This tool gives you everything you need to hire and manage talent. You can maintain an employee database, leave, and take attendance, all in one place. That’s not all. You can also manage employee performance reviews, their travel schedules and set birthday reminders.

Zoho Cost

Zoho Cost is an expense management app that makes for easy data entry. It saves time and causes productivity to go higher.

Zoho Payroll

This app can automatically calculate payroll and allow direct deposit of salaries to keep your employees happy. It ensures the whole process goes on time and is hassle-free. Zoho Payroll is set according to tax regulations, so it calculates payroll after deductions.

The in-app employee management portal helps them view payslips, submit investment proofs and perform other payroll activities. Use this app to bid farewell to heaps of paperwork.

Zoho Expense

This app is an extension of Zoho Cost with more to offer. It automates expenses and makes processing payments and invoices quick and easy. You can also take care of HR procedures and employee applications for travel expenses. It lets you prepare expense reports and generate PDFs based on which fields you want to include. Expense management and transparency for organizations have never been better.

Zoho Cliq

Zoho Cliq is a team-messaging app to organize your team’s communication. It has simple tools but is highly effective in optimizing discussions and boosting productivity. It helps in team collaboration and keeps information very accessible to avoid any miscommunication. The biggest advantage of all is that it’s super easy to use.

Zoho Interact

A remote collaboration platform is essential, and this app knows that. In-app Q&A and multi-thread conversations allow your team to connect and collaborate easily.

Zoho Vault

Forgetting passwords is truly frustrating, and we’ve all been there. Our days of remembering passwords are over, all thanks to Zoho Vault. It lets you store, change, and access your team’s passwords, saving you a lot of trouble.


What Makes Zoho People Plus Special?

There are certain things about Zoho that set it apart from its competitors regarding providing HR solutions. We’ve listed those here.

  • Zoho People Plus‘s biggest relief is that it’s an all-in-one platform that integrates all applications you need to manage and safely store your employee data. This prevents hopping from app to app and saves time.
  • It is customizable, meaning you can only choose to include the data your business needs and avoid unnecessary information in your forms and analyses.
  • Zoho’s AI assistant, ZIA, helps with the automation of scheduling meetings. These include client meetings, interviews, orientations, and brainstorming sessions. It can send alerts and reminders and help you reschedule if necessary. 
  • Once you’ve hired the people you need, Zoho People Plus ensures that the applicant’s journey from interview to joining day is smooth. You can automate messages so that newbies stay informed and are not confused.
  • With its detailed analytics, you can figure out staff performance and shortcomings. This will inspire good feedback and improve the quality of work.
  • If you worry about managing resources as you grow, worry no more. Zoho People Plus scales as you scale, so you can always store and manage your data regardless of your company size.

Final Words

Zoho People Plus is a great choice for any business looking to safely store employee data and manage their HR process how they want. It offers excellent features at less expensive pricing than its competitors. It has completely changed how companies regulate their hiring and management. Efficient management always speeds up a company’s growth and increases employee retention. It aids in providing the best HR experience to your employees and the smoothest life cycle from recruitment to retirement. 

If you choose Zoho People Plus today, you will boost productivity and set up better workflows for your company. Decide wisely, see your company scale, and become tightly managed by the day.

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