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5 Steps To Create Effective Landing Page: Landingi

First impressions always matter. Don’t they? The attention you get is very receptive and impressionable in the first go. Your landing pages give the first impression of your website. Hence, they’re crucial for conversion. A landing page can collect leads and display sign-up triggers and ad copy to sell a product. Your conversion rates depend on the quality of your landing pages. In this article, we’ll share tips to help you create effective landing page for your website. 

What Makes A Landing Page Effective: Landingi

An effective landing page is strictly connected to a good conversion rate. A landing page must be functional and targeted. While all landing pages don’t look the same, there are a few key elements that every landing page must have, in general, for healthy conversion rates. Landingi recommends the following elements:

  1. Purpose

You’re setting yourself up for failure when you create a landing page devoid of a specific purpose. Even the most basic landing page should have a visible goal. Pick a goal that describes the campaign you’re running and isn’t difficult to understand. Don’t give messages which could confuse the viewers, be very clear.

  1. Catchy Headline

The headline draws viewers in when they see it, so it’s very important to have a killer headline. A relevant, interesting, and witty line makes for an amazing headline. All successful marketing campaigns decided their headlines very mindfully.

  1. Call To Action

A landing page needs a call to action to get you conversions. Whether your goal is getting leads, selling, or getting people to fill out a form, it should drive people to take action. But beware of multiple calls to action. It turns your page into a huge mess each time.

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  1. Good copy

It is obvious that long, jargonish sentences bore people. Nothing drives lead away like a poorly written copy. Landing page copy should be crisp, informative, and easy to read for the viewer. Ensure that your copy isn’t trying too hard to sell an idea or a product. Only mention relevant information in a few words to keep things simple. 

  1. No Clutter

The layout of a landing page should be aesthetically designed, eye-catching, and without clutter. Messy pages lose the attention of viewers, and conversion rates drop. Landingi stresses the need to display limited text on the landing page to retain the viewer’s attention. We’ll now look at the tools Landingi offers to create effective landing page.

Tools Landingi Offers To Level Up Your Landing Page

Landingi offers multiple options to customize your landing page:

  1. Drag And Drop Editor

This tool is so easy to use yet so helpful. You can create effective landing page using the ‘drag-and-drop editor of Landingi. It lets you have full creative control and doesn’t need any coding skills to use. You can instantly publish your page and start winning leads.

  1. Pop-ups

Landingi helps you insert pop-ups in the right places to keep your viewer informed and engaged. You need to be clear about what you’re promising via the pop-ups and make them intriguing to get clicks from the visitor.

Another strategy is to make it easy to say ‘yes’; this will help you bag more leads. Deliver something valuable in positive language to make the most of your pop-ups. Never clickbait your visitors because that leads to a loss of credibility for your brand.

  1. One-click Duplication

Once you’ve designed the ideal landing page for your website, you can duplicate the template to run another successful campaign. This saves you the time of designing another landing page altogether.  With Landingi, you can do all this with just a click.

  1. Sales Funnels

You can connect several landing pages together to create a smooth and effective conversion funnel to lead your visitors on the perfect journey. Conversion rates shoot up when you do this as all the randomness gets organized and managed.

  1. Smart Section

The ‘Smart section’ tool helps change something in all your landing pages. For example, if you upped the discounts on your products or increased signing up rewards, you don’t need to make corrections to every landing page on your website. You need to make the change only on one page and publish it on every other page.

Apart from all these, Landingi gives you over 400 templates to choose from and lets you run tests on your website to see how effective different landing pages are. You only need to handle your landing page’s visual and creative aspects well, and Landingi will take care of the rest.


Landing pages are difficult to ace, especially for entrepreneurs running their first campaign online. There are many ways a campaign can go wrong and very few ways it can go right. In such cases, getting help in the design aspect of your landing page is smart.

Landingi has all you’ll need to create effective landing page for your website. You must use these tools to target the right market and convey your campaign message. If you keep in mind all the pointers discussed here, you’ll successfully create the best landing page to represent your idea of brand or campaign.

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