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What Is Zoho Desk? A Detailed Guide

A cloud-based help desk software that enables customer service facilities for its clients. In a way, customers own your business because there isn’t a business to begin with without them. Any enterprise must understand the requirements of its clients. Hence, a business organization needs to install a robust customer support system. A help desk handles customers’ interactions on various products and services an organization offers. Zoho Desk offers customer support tickers, a customer support portal, report creation, etc. In this article, we will discuss Zoho Desk in detail. 


Zoho Desk is a cloud-based help desk platform. It is designed to support all businesses that manage customer support. Customer service is the perfect way to retain customers to convert them into a loyal customer base. Zoho Desk’s help desk software allows companies to engage with their clients to deliver satisfaction. It is a web-based software that allows the management of customer support activities with ease and efficiency. Zoho Desk allows customization as per your business to ensure the utmost customer satisfaction experience.


Zoho Desk offers helpful and easy-to-understand tools to its clients. Here are a few features of the help desk software. 

Ticket Management 

Zoho Desk allows tracking customer requests across brands, channels, departments, and more. 

The ticketing service collects and handles every customer support interaction across different communication platforms. It includes email, live chat, phone calls, and social media. Zoho Desk’s management system allows its IT agents to match the different types of tickets raised to the correct client or department. 


Access provides availability to the customers irrespective of the channel they use to communicate. The multichannel ticketing system collects tickets belonging to various channels to organize them in a single interface. As a result, agents can reply faster without compromising quality service. These channels include email, live chat, social media, and web form. 


Zoho Desk’s multi- department feature offers custom help desk organization by creating different departments. You can have organized customer service by creating separate departments within the help desk. You can create departments according to different offered products, subscriptions, or parameters an organization prioritizes. Even if there is a ticket surge, it won’t bring the entire operation down. 

Multi Brand Help Center

The more organized your help desk will be, the more efficient will the customer service be. One way to do this is by providing each brand with its help desk. Zoho Desk offers many tools to help achieve this. 

  • Portal Customization 
  • Secure Access
  • Domain Mapping
  • Google Analytics Integration 


Zoho Desk’s email management software saves time and ensures that agents accurately respond to the assigned emails. The email-ticketing system helps convert emails to tickets, compiling them in a single place to ensure each customer complaint is checked. You can also oversee the number of emails the organization receives and how many have received a  response. 


Zoho Desk records all incoming and outgoing calls automatically. They can be heard later, allowing agents to find new ways to improve. The telephone system provides voicemail, allowing customers to leave a message regarding their questions. These get logged on as new tickets. It allows agents to respond to them just like any other regular call. 

Social Media 

Everybody understands the importance of social media. Zoho Desk studied the market resulting in social media customer service. It is a popular way of providing support through various social media platforms. The cloud-based help desk integrates with Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. You can increase brand value and customer satisfaction by responding to calls, emails, tweets, and posts. 

Live Chat 

Every website these days uses Live Chat. Customers enjoy chatting with the embedded chat widgets since they respond quickly. Customers can be unsure as to what they want. Zoho Desk’ Live Chat feature helps them easily frame their questions with instant solutions. Later, these chat conversations are converted into tickets. It ensures all the details from the chat are saved properly. 

Zia: The Contextual A. I

Zia is Zoho Desk’s A. I powered assistant. Customers can chat with Zia, which processes their questions and finds solutions. Zia identifies the sentiment behind every ticket allowing it to add the context of the ticket. She tags tickets with negative sentiments, so agents know what needs fixing. 

  • Zia shares relevant solutions with customers. 
  • It notifies of unusual ticket activity. 
  • Key aspects of a ticket are tagged. 

Agent Productivity

Zoho Desk provides your agents with the tools to communicate with customers. 

Work Modes

Zoho Desk provides ticket views in an organized manner. You can check them based on priority or CRM status. This time-saving feature helps agents decide which ticket needs to be solved first. It includes another feature called Ticket Peek. And it shows a preview of every customer interaction made by the team. It eases navigation between tickets. Another interesting feature offered by Zoho Desk is called Agent Collision Detection. It ensures that no two agents work on the same ticket simultaneously. Agents can categorize tickets using Ticket Tags. 

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Customer service is not a one-person job. There are many departments involved which require a significant workforce. @mentions feature helps tag the relevant team to decide who is best suited for the ticket. The Team Feed enables in-app conversation among colleagues. Agents can share Tickets across departments. A notification is sent every time any agent with access to a particular ticket performs any activity on the notification center. With this, agents can interact and share tags to alert each other in case of the latest events. 

CRM Integration 

Agents can respond to tickets from within Zoho CRM. Zoho Desk allows agents to update prospect details to promote learning from support conversations.


Zoho Desk strictly believes in customer security. While giving the agents the detail they require, they also protect customers’ data. You can assign roles to Agents or Admins and grant them the required permissions to perform customer service activities. It is also easy to control access to data. Modules can be turned public or private as per requirement. Zoho Desk help desk contains important data involving their customers. The Field-level security feature allows you to decide who can make edits. It limits the chances of a security breach. 


Zoho Desk allows a free trial period of 15 days. Users do not need to fill in their credit card details either. 

Standard Plan ₹800/Agent/Month billed Annually
Professional Plan ₹1,400/Agent/Month billed Annually
Enterprise Plan ₹2,400/Agent/Month billed Annually

Zoho Desk also offers different plans for priority customer service from their team. 

Basic Free
Classic Free
Premium 20% of License Fees
Enterprise 25% of License Fees 


Zoho Desk, an on-demand help desk, is everything any organization needs to manage its customer service. Its interface is designed to make the entire process easy and efficient. There are no additional hidden costs. Zoho Desk’s own customer service is available 24×5. It allows you to build your own Knowledge Base. 

Customer service is a crucial part of any organization, regardless of size. You need authentic software which makes customer service facilities efficient and functional. Zoho Desk is the solution to all your problems. 

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