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List Of Zoho Products in 2022

Zoho is your one-stop destination to automate business activities. It is a cloud-based platform rendering various services to transform the virtual business hub. It enables enterprises to establish a better online presence and give their customers the best services. Zoho saves you the extra costs and efforts by triggering instantaneous actions and facilitating extensive integration. Although Zoho has a lot to offer, we have covered a list of Zoho products with some distinguishing characteristics. You can check out the list of Zoho products given below to avail benefit of them.

Features of Zoho Products and Services 

Zoho has a plethora of web applications to simplify your business. It focuses on solving business problems by transforming the way people work. We have got a list of Zoho products with stellar features that you should consider to upscale your business:

1. Zoho CRM 

Having over a million users across the globe, Zoho CRM is a renowned web-based platform. Zoho CRM manages customer accounts efficiently with its intuitive dashboard. The platform enables accurate revenue forecasting along with automation of the sales pipeline. Zoho CRM seems ideal for all large and small-scale enterprises. With its lead management capability, Zoho CRM tends to top the list of Zoho products

2. Zoho Projects 

Users can try out Zoho Projects to have a real-time experience with the best project management software, and users can try out Zoho Projects. It is designed for project managers to be well acquainted with all project-related activities. With Zoho Projects at your service, project planning and expenditure tracking become less strenuous. Zoho Projects ensure optimum productivity via its simplified customization and automation.

Zoho products

3. Zoho People 

It is an all-in-one HR platform that provides intelligent and quick solutions to business problems. It deals with an enterprise’s employee data efficiently to maximize its potential. Zoho People caters especially to the needs of SMBs through its out-of-the-box deployment. Key features of Zoho People include integration, easy onboarding, full scalability, and automated notifications to employees. 


4. Zoho Books 

If you grapple with numbers and accounting, Zoho Books has got you covered. It is your personalized virtual assistant who will manage your finances for you. This software is a one-stop solution for accounting, banking, and invoices. Zoho Books operate in more than ten languages like English, Japanese, Swedish, Polish, etc. The user-friendly interface of this Zoho product enables users to handle accounting smoothly. Zoho Books lets you get one step ahead of the pack by handling all the financial aspects of your business. 

Zoho books

5. Zoho Desk 

This software is a support desk to help e-commerce businesses increase efficiency and strengthen customer relationships. It has essential help desk tools and a ticketing system to let companies provide timely customer support. With this agile support system, Zoho Desk attempts to magnify agent productivity. Apart from empowering businesses, Zoho Desk enables users to make prudent decisions. 

6. Zoho Inventory 

Zoho inventory is packed with extensive tools to help businesses stay abreast of their inventory. It comes with built-in shipping services, smart automation, and flexible pricing. All businesses can benefit from this unique inventory management system, including online start-ups and SMBs. Zoho Inventory also advances end-to-end tracking options to let businesses track the entire delivery process. 

7. Zoho Sites 

Zoho Sites is a website builder software with exceptional drag-and-drop features. In the comprehensive list of Zoho products, Zoho Sites holds a special position as it requires no prior IT skills. Websites built using Zoho sites offer smart navigation panels and mobile optimization to appeal to visitors. By using Zoho Sites, website building comes at your fingertips.

8. Zoho Invoice

This invoicing software offers a suite of tools to design customized invoices. It helps create a rather professional portrayal of businesses among clients. The web-based software is ideal for companies entertaining foreign clients because of its bill-by-the-hour feature. Zoho invoice has a self-service portal to keep track of your expenses, payment status, and transactions. 

Zoho products


The list of Zoho products we covered is all top-notch web applications. Each Zoho product has some element of surprise in it and millions of users worldwide. All these products are core to any business and help give constructive solutions to all business problems. These products are an amalgamation of tools to enhance productivity, augment sales, improve workflow and let your business achieve numerous milestones. With the help of this list of Zoho products, you can eliminate all the complications of building an online business.

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