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A 2D and 3D animation and feature-rich software. With the help of Adobe Animate CC, users can create innovative content and import files from other Adobe applications. And it is widely used to integrate video, and audio, create vector animation, design graphics, and so on. It comes with an understandable timeline and is a must-have for animation purposes.

It is a multifunctional platform, but the thing to be noted is that currently, the Android or iOS version is unavailable. Adobe Animate CC can only be accessed on either Windows or macOS. Installing or subscribing to the full-time membership of Adobe Animate can be taxing. Users could also fall prey to malicious sites and unpleasant viruses. But we have covered all the tips for accessing Adobe Animate very conveniently.


1. How to Download Adobe Animate CC for Free? 

You can create graphics, animation, commercials, video games, projects, etc., for free without any subscription on Adobe Animate CC. But first, you must register in the portal to receive an Adobe ID or username and a strong password. A registered user can access a free trial of all apps from the Creative Cloud catalog without complexities.  

This seven-day trial consists of the latest version of Adobe Animate CC for free. It will give users an idea of the application, and they will know whether it is worth considering. The free Adobe Animate trial is legalized and safe to use. While installing the free version, users should be aware of pirated sites that can permit viruses to damage their data. Given below are the steps you need to follow to get your hands on the free and legitimate Adobe Animate: 

1.1. Firstly, go to the Creative Cloud apps catalog

1.2. Then log in by entering your unique Adobe ID and password

1.3. Now, you need to search for Adobe Animate CC 

1.4. Click on the Download button 

1.5. Also,  you can download the creative cloud apps catalog to get updated with the latest   version of Adobe Animate CC

Adobe Animate Download

2. How to Purchase Adobe Animate CC?  

It is a dedicated tool to curate Flash, canvas HTML5 animations, flyers, banners, etc., for making websites and businesses engaging. You can leverage the platform to do coding and design assets and interfaces. If you have tried out the free trial and are planning to become a full-time member of Adobe Animate CC, here is how you can buy it.

You can not access Adobe Animate as a Single App subscription like other Creative Cloud apps. But you can always purchase it as a part of the Creative Cloud All Apps subscription. This way, you will benefit from Adobe Animate and a comprehensive range of tools. The entire Creative Cloud collection that you will get to leverage includes Adobe Character Animator, Adobe Audition, After Effects, Adobe Portfolio, Adobe Spark, Premiere Rush, and Premiere Pro, amongst other things. You can also avail yourself of great discounts by purchasing this entire package and not just Adobe Animate CC.

Adobe Animate, packed with an extensive range of Creative Cloud Apps, will cost you around $53 per month. Along with the multiple benefits of various Creative Cloud Apps, you will have an extra 100GB of cloud storage. Users can combine all Adobe applications at once to make unique content for their clients.

Adobe Animate CC

Final Words 

Setting up a business based entirely on Adobe Animate Creative Cloud is a challenging task in itself. But once you ace this, you can get clients lined up to acquire your services. You will be able to create scalable paperless animated content, high-quality vector graphic designs, cartoons, banners, flyers, videos, puppet designs, and so on. We have provided you with two ways to get an Adobe Animate CC subscription for your enterprise and raise the bar for your competition. Commence your animation journey with this excellent software to take your business to the next level.

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