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According to statistics, people across the globe will generate around $325 billion of revenue by providing e-courses. If you are fascinated with teaching and want to commence your tutoring journey, you can consider teaching virtually. If you host your course online, you can impart knowledge to a multitude of audiences at the same time. The future lies in technology; therefore, most learners are switching to the virtual medium, and so are educators. 

But before you host your course online, you must have a clear picture of finding your niche and target audience, the problems your e-course aims to solve, the price range based on monthly and annual subscriptions, etc. Once you get answers to all these questions, you can choose a suitable tutoring platform that caters to all your needs.

 List of eLearning Platforms

The most crucial step when you host your course online is to select a convenient and easy-to-use platform. Numerous online platforms help you create course content, but only some can ace this job. If you desire to turn your knowledge into a source of income and your passive income into a substantial business, you can check out the list below. We have enlisted six major online platforms below to fulfill all your needs and help you create online courses without much hassle :  

1.      Kajabi

host course on kajabi

With Kajabi, you can host your course online and sell it to your potential customers effectively. Kajabi has podcast hosting, file downloads, standalone courses, video streaming features, webinars, training portals, and so on. It is one of the leading online platforms with an intuitive website builder. They have drip course lessons and quizzes to assess the learner’s understanding of the content.


  1. Helps you create, edit and publish blogs
  2. Kajabi offers Android and iOS-friendly mobile apps with a special focus on privacy and security.
  3. Drag-and-drop feature to customize beautiful pages and create engaging course content.
  4. Permits third-party integration as well as automation.
  5. Pricing is grouped into the Basic, Growth, and Pro plans.
  6. Kajabi offers reliable and responsive customer support available at all times.

2.      Teachable

host your course online: Teachable

One hundred thousand instructors work with Teachable, a cloud-based platform, to curate content for learners at a suitable pace.  The website is customizable and easy to use. While you host your online course, you will get a subdomain or a custom domain to manage the course content’s pricing, branding, and structuring.


  1. It lets you upload unlimited courses and cater to the needs of unlimited students.
  2. Offers subscriptions from Basic to Pro to Business pricing plans and accepts payments in over 130 currencies.
  3. Tutors can conveniently import content from One-Drive, Google Drive, etc.
  4. Teachable has potential navigation functionality along with course completion certificates for learners.
  5. Allows access to Google Analytics to track the progress of learners.


3.      Coursera

Coursera best for creating online course

Coursera is a marketplace offering over 5,000 courses with the highest quality content. They aim to enable learning without limits and have a more academic approach to learning. The content on this platform is directed toward more professional educators and diligent learners.


  1. If you host your online course from Coursera, you get recognized qualifications. 
  2. Wide range of courses offered on content writing, data analytics, UI/UX designs, programming languages, etc.
  3. You can create an online course platform with scalable, reusable content.
  4. The courses are featured at the University of Michigan, IBM, University of Illinois, and Duke, among others.
  5. Community discussion forums are available to keep in touch with learners.

 4.      Podia

host your course online on Podia

An all-in-one online course platform, Podia accommodates more than 50,000 educators. Hosting your course online using Podia requires extra effort, as it offers membership-based courses. Podia also provides custom websites, webinars, standalone courses, email marketing, and digital downloads, amongst other things.


  1. It lets you set up discrete payment options such as Mover, Shaker, and Earthquaker.
  2. Allows you to release your content all at once via a drip schedule.
  3. The platform has a user-friendly interface and lets you include HD quality video, audio, text, eBooks, PDF, etc., to your content.
  4. Podia has a unique live chat widget feature.

5.      Skillshare

host your course online on Skillshare

When you host your online course on Skillshare, you get to attract your learners and earn via referral links. This online marketplace dominates eLearning and helps you turn your passion into a thriving business. You can create your course online on various topics, from graphic design to cooking to photography, blogging, knitting, etc.


  1. Skillshare offers a discussion forum to expand your customer base and helps you interact with students.
  2. You can generate revenues through referrals and royalties.
  3. No technical expertise is required to host your online course for the first time.
  4. Upload content in video format with HD quality, a maximum size of 2GB, and a minimum length of 10 minutes.

6.      LearnDash

host your course online at LearnDash

LearnDash is a WordPress LMS plugin that creates a distraction-free environment for learners. To host your online course using LearnDash, you need to create a site of your own and add plugins to it. It enables custom building and manages heavy customer traffic effectively. The platform ensures flexibility but also requires some technical skills.

Features –

  1. LearnDash lets you create quizzes and tests and run leaderboards to keep track of student progress.
  2. Enables users to unlock content with the completion of classes.
  3. Allows the creation of extensive courses and enrolment of unlimited students
  4. 3-Tier pricing made available to users- Basic, Plus, and Pro.


With all these online course platforms, virtual tutoring is at your fingertips. Every website is unique in itself, with tonnes of remarkable features. All user expects something different from a website, which is why all individuals’ choices are bound to differ. Every educator will look for varied functionalities while searching for a decent platform. But the six platforms we have covered will end your quest for the ideal website. You can begin your tutoring journey smoothly and host your course online via these platforms.

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