GMass extension can make email marketing easy for you. 

Over half of the global population uses email marketing to expand their business. Emails are a form of communication that will never go extinct. Sending an email is easy. The only thing one needs to take care of is to avoid the spam folder. How can one do that? Easy. Download the GMass extension for chrome. This article discusses the benefits of using GMass for Gmail in this article

What is GMass extension?

A must-have chrome extension is hands down, the GMass extension. It enhances the functionality of your browser. Extensions prove beneficial when they are used correctly. They act as little helpers in the background who help you save time and unnecessary effort. Similarly, GMass extension acts as a rescuer when you need to send multiple emails, enhance your email marketing and send cold emails. GMass extension is a powerful mass email and mail merge system for Gmail. It works inside Gmail or Google Workspace, depending on which you use. 

Uses of GMass extension 

GMass extension has multiple uses, from personalised emails to scheduling emails in Gmail. Users can get their work done in a few minutes. This helps businesses save time and spread their vision to many customers with the help of this quick and reliable extension. 

  • It sends mail merge in Gmail. 
  • It helps you send personalised messages. 
  • It helps send cold emails in a way where businesses receive maximum responses. 
  • It allows the scheduling of email in Gmail. 
  • It creates tracking reports for your emails. Users can track how many emails were opened, clicked, and replied to. 

Features of GMass Extension

Below are the most exciting features of GMass:

Sending Mass Emails in Gmail

GMass extension has simplified the process of sending mass emails. It is easy to send out huge batches of welcome emails, invoices, wedding invitations, party invitations, email blasts, press releases, etc. You can do this all on your own personal Gmail account without having to worry about the limit. Gmail will not allow you to mail more than 500 emails per day. The limit for Google Workspace is 2000 people per day. 

GMass’s advanced email distribution system solves this problem. If you are trying to send a cold email or any other mass email campaign to more than 500 people with your Gmail account, the GMass extension for Gmail will automatically distribute the emails over multiple days. Alternatively, it pushes the email to an SMTP server to break Gmail’s limits. This is one of the reasons GMass is a popular and smart mass email marketing system. 

Integration with Google Sheets 

At times, Gmail mail merges require a spreadsheet to manage more merge fields, handle advanced features and track performance. Most organisations build and store their contact lists in a spreadsheet. Thus, you can easily connect your spreadsheets of contacts to Gmail because of GMass’s Google Sheets Integration. With the click of a button, GMass connects the Google Sheet to Gmail and performs mail merges effortlessly. This smart extension doesn’t need to be told when a new contact is added to your spreadsheet. It will automatically send an email to the added contact. 

Email Tracking and Reporting

GMass extension tracks nine different stats for your email marketing campaigns. 

  1. Total Recipients 
  2. Opens 
  3. Didn’t open
  4. Unique clicks 
  5. Replies 
  6. Unsubscribers 
  7. Bounces 
  8. Rejections (due to Gmail sending limits)
  9. Blocked Emails (by spam filters)


People relate to emails when they can connect to them. Hence, they prefer personalised emails. It is a researched fact that personalised emails receive 2x replies than non-personalised ones. It sounds convincing, but one cannot send thousands of emails. This manual input will take decades to finish the task. This is where GMass extension once again shines. A few simple and easy clicks can personalise your mass emails. They have made it in a way that users don’t feel that it is too complicated. 


Automatic Follow-up Emails

People aren’t good at responding to their emails. As a result, we need to politely nudge or aggressively hound them until they are ready to reply. However, you won’t have time to start new marketing campaigns if you are stuck with the previous one. It is simply not possible. 

GMass understands this and offers the best solution. This extension has a unique, robust automated follow-up system. You are the master, and it’s up to you to decide the sequence in which the emails should go out. For example, follow-ups till you get a reply. 

Schedule Mail Merges and Mass Emails

While sending out emails to thousands of potential clients, you must send them at a time the client will interact with them. Your email will be ignored if you mail them in the early morning, late at night, or on weekends when they are resting. GMass possesses excellent scheduling tools you can use to send the perfect mail merge at the right time. All it takes is a few simple clicks. 

Installing GMass Extension 

Remember: You cannot install extensions in Incognito mode or as a guest user. 

  1. Open the Chrome Web Store. 
  2. Find and select GMass Extension
  3. Click Add to Chrome.
  4. Approve permissions if needed. To approve, click Add extension. 

Upon doing so, you have successfully installed this extension. To use it, click the icon to the right of the address bar. 

GMass extension Pricing 

The packages are categorised as Standard, Premium and Enterprise. The standard pack starts at $19.95/ month. The premium package costs $29.95/month, and the enterprise package is $49.95/month. The pricing depends on whether you pay as an individual or a team.

You can also use it for free but with a limit of only 50 emails daily. 

Final Thoughts 

GMass Extension is the best tool for users to enhance their email marketing campaigns. At affordable rates, GMass provides its users will the most sophisticated tools. GMass’ easy-to-use interface makes it an all-time favourite. GMass is itself an email platform. It’s easy to learn and use. Users do not need to go through the hassle of learning anything new to use the GMass extension. If you’re planning to start an email campaign, do it with this versatile extension. 

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