SEMrush Pricing: How much does it cost

SEMrush is a search engine marketing software. It provides multiple tools which optimise your website for search engines. The most important thing for businesses is turning visitors into loyal customers. To do that, SEMrush provides tools for SEO, PPC, SMM, and PR Content Marketing to achieve this. It is important to know the cost of these services. In this article, we will discuss various SEMrush Pricing models in detail.

SEMrush Pricing plans

SEMrush is home to multiple tools that help improve your website’s online visibility and advances content marketing. This SaaS platform is an ‘all-in-one tool’ for many small and large businesses. We have provided a detailed guide to understand which plan suits your needs. SEMrush pricing is offered monthly or yearly, whichever you prefer. 

SEMrush Pro

  • SEMrush Pro costs $99.95/month. 
  • This package is useful for startups, in-house marketers, and freelancers on a budget. 
  • It includes basic tools such as SEO, PPC, Keyword analytics and Research, Competitor Analysis, SEO audit, advertising and social media tools, and more. 
  • Allows you to create a total of 5 projects. 
  • It helps track 500 keywords across all your projects. 
  • It provides 10,000 results per report. 

The SEMrush pricing for this package offers more than enough to kickstart your online SEO campaigns. However, being the basic plan out of the three, it has a limited number of options. 


SEMrush Guru

  • SEMrush Guru costs $191.62/month. 
  • This plan is more appropriate for SMBs and growing marketing agencies. 
  • It includes all Pro plan features, more advanced tools like Content Marketing Toolkit, multi-location and device tracking, GDS integration, access to historical data, and more. 
  • Guru offers the creation of up to 15 projects. 
  • It helps track 1,500 keywords across all your projects. 
  • It provides 30,000 results per report. 
  • Topic research results are unlimited in this SEMrush pricing plan compared to SEMrush pro. Your content creation process will run smoothly with the help of this tool.

This plan offers more tools to its users for better performance. Users can opt for this plan if they want more advanced options. It has more scope than Pro, and users can benefit from this SEMrush pricing plan. 

SEMrush Business

  • SEMrush Business costs $374.95/month. 
  • This plan is suitable for large agencies, e-commerce projects, and businesses with a considerable online presence.
  • Along with features of SEMrush Guru, it provides a share of voice, API access, PLA analytics, extended limits, and more. This package offers everything SEMrush is known for.
  • This SEMrush pricing plan allows you to create 40 projects. 
  • It helps track 5,000 keywords across all your projects. 
  • It provides 50,000 results per report. 
  • The product listing ad research tool is a feature unique to SEMrush Business only. It lets you analyze your competitor’s performance metrics and keywords. It helps you understand how a particular keyword triggers your competitor’s ads. 

This plan is a one-in-all solution kit for anyone who wants to use SEMrush to its maximum potential. Users can opt for this ultimate plan to improve their site’s performance. 

SEMrush Pro Free Trial 

SEMrush also offers its users 30 days free trial of SEMrush Pro. You simply need to click on the free trial link to obtain this. Once your 30 days are up, they will charge you for the monthly plan. If you think that there might be some loophole around this, we are sorry to say, but there isn’t. You can cancel the plan before the expiry of the 30 days trial plan expires. You won’t be charged, then. (The plans above are mentioned on an annual plan)

Which SEMrush Pricing plan should you choose?

Firstly, identify your needs, learn about the different SEMrush pricing plans and then determine your budget. To conclude, you can compare the different plans by looking at the reviews. If none of these plans match your requirements, then SEMrush also offers custom plans. You can get in touch with them to discuss your requirements. 


SEMrush packages can be upgraded or downgraded as per your decision, which is advantageous. If it’s not working out for you, you can simply change the plan!  SEMrush also offers a 7-day money-back guarantee if you’re unsatisfied with the product. We hope the various SEMrush pricing plans explained above help you form your decision. 

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