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Zoho Cliq: Cost Guide

In today’s world, we’ve got tons of information to deal with daily. Large companies must have great internal communication to organize their data and avoid confusion or mismanagement. Automating mundane tasks is a no-brainer for achieving optimum productivity. Team communication and scheduling meetings are major tasks for any business. If you organize your team conversations to make it easy to collaborate, you know about Zoho Cliq.

Zoho Cliq is a messaging app that can schedule appointments and automate your day-to-day business activities. You don’t need to worry about data security and can focus on connecting with your team from whatever device you’re working from. But what are the pricing plans for accessing these features? We’ll walk you through that in this article.

Pricing plans

Zoho Cliq is super affordable with its free and ‘unlimited’ plans. All local taxes, like VAT and others, get added to the general pricing plan. Here are the detailed descriptions of what each plan has to offer.

Free Plan: 

           A free version of Zoho Cliq is available for you. Here’s a list of what it offers.

  •  It gives 10k searchable messages per organization and file storage of 100 GB per organization. The limit for most participants in an organizational or personal channel is 100.
  • Participants can sign in through a google account or google apps. SAML-based solo sign-on options also exist.
  • Employees can have unlimited one-to-one and group chats, read receipts, and screen share for better interaction when working remotely.
  • The AI assistant, ZIA, coordinates events and gives reminders based on your integrable calendar, so you never forget an appointment. The maximum duration for any meeting is 60 minutes, and the maximum number of participants is 100.
  • Cliq also integrates other Zoho apps like Expense, Interact, and Vault for easy access. 10 extensions are available per organization in the freemium model.

Here are the details on the limits of internal tools available per organization.

Internal tool nameLimit
Database records1000
Slash commands100

Due to two-factor authentication and strict password policies, all databases are secure and private. Alerts and desktop notifications are also present to keep you updated.

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Unlimited Plan

Zoho Cliq does give you a free trial before you subscribe. The pricing options depend on billing time.

  • ₹36 per user per month if billed annually
  • ₹40 per user per month if you pay month-to-month

Everything available in the free version is also present in this plan, and it has more to offer. Here are the exclusive features:

  • Unlimited searchable messages are available, and the file storage is 100 GB per user.
  • Contrary to the free model, it allows external, multi-team, and announcement channels. For every user license, you get 5 external channels. 
  • The maximum number of participants in a personal, team, or organizational channel is a whopping 5000, and for an external channel is 500. You can also record your calls for documentation purposes.
  • It lets you customize your user roles, domain, e-mails, and team security policy.
  • Since you have teams here, team management is also available.
  • Besides calendar integrations, you get project integrations, other Zoho apps, and 100 extensions per organization.
  • In audio and video meetings, you can have as many as 1000 participants for a maximum duration of 24 minutes.
  • Added admin functions will be module configurations and brand logo display. There is a lot more room for customization and exclusivity in this model.

Take a look at the availability of the internal tools.

Internal tool nameMaximum limit per organization
Database records1000
Slash commands1000

All security and privacy features of the free model are also present in this model, with password policies to take your privacy to the next level. This plan benefits large organizations looking to store their company data securely and have more control of their operations.

Comparing Zoho Cliq To Its Competitors

The free plan of Zoho Cliq provides more storage than some competitors like Microsoft Teams and ClickUp, and Cliq is less expensive in its pricing plans. It does offer fewer pricing plans than its competitors. It easily wins the ‘best free plan’ contest because the number and quality of features it offers are unmatched. Add-on storage is also available at the following rates.

Storage space in GBCost in rupees per year

Final Words

Mismanagement and lack of organization are the doom of all companies today. Your company’s efforts fail if it lacks proper internal communication channels. That is why many companies use cloud-based software to keep their workflows organized. Using this software, you will not worry about forgetting appointments, data security, database management, and team communication.

 But all these features should come at affordable rates. We’re on the same page as you. Do your research and make comparisons before choosing a paid plan. Remember to keep Zoho Cliq on your list as one great option because it is.

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