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Zoho Sites Pricing: Everything You Need To Know

Building your website can be challenging when you lack knowledge. Website building is a hassle if you dont choose a good hosting service. Zoho Sites, an instant website builder, aims to simplify the website creation process. The application offers a broad set of easy tools to create websites by dragging and dropping elements. Users don’t need prior experience, either. It allows the creation of visually appealing websites in minutes. Zoho Sites pricing also offers free site creation and hosting. This article will explain everything in detail about Zoho Sites Pricing. 

Zoho Sites builder belongs to Zoho Corporation, which offers services to over 25 million customers. The application makes the process of website building intuitive and easy. It also offers different plans and subscriptions to best match the needs of its users.

Plans and Subscriptions

Zoho Sites accounts allow you to create up to five websites. You can also purchase a license if you want to build more websites on annual bases. It allows users to create an unlimited number of pages, a limit of 10 MB per file, and storage space allocation. It offers three different plans. To understand Zoho Sites’ pricing, we will first discuss its various plans. 

Basic Plan

The basic plan offered by Zoho Sites includes all the features with the free edition plus a custom domain with the site you created. With this plan, you get 301 redirect services. In case you have an old site, you can redirect it to the new website. The basic plan offers a storage limit of 100 MB and zero ads. 

Standard Plan 

The standard plan offers features along with the free and basic plan. Users get to use the SSL certificates they provide. The standard plan offers support for newsletters, support for five additional forms, password-protected services, and an extra webmaster account. 

Professional Plan 

The largest plan offered under Zoho Sites pricing plans is the Professional plan. It provides its users with everything from free, basic, and standard plans. The biggest additions this plan offers are the eCommerce features. Users get PayPal integration, a member portal, additional support for more authors, and ten additional forms and more dynamic content. 

Zoho Sites Pricing Benefits 

Users can either pay monthly or yearly. Zoho Sites pricing offers two months free regardless of the plan you choose if you decide to pay upfront for an annual subscription when purchasing. If users who have purchased any plan are unsatisfied with the performance are offered a full refund within 30 days. Zoho Sites also downgrades users to the free service, so they dont lose their data. 

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For users who have purchased an annual subscription, Zoho Sites offers a 45-day money-back guarantee. If Zoho Sites discontinues features once available while signing the contract, you can ask them to refund a pro-rated amount for the remainder of your contract. It is also easy to downgrade your plans if the need arises. 

Zoho Sites Pricing Plans

You can choose from monthly or yearly plans:


Starter ₹280/Site


Starter ₹160/Site/month


5 Pages500 MB Storage5 Forms 100 GB Bandwidth/month10 MB Max File Size 5 Photo Gallery 50 Pages 100 GB Storage 50 Forms Unmetered Bandwidth 100 MB Max File Size200 Photo GalleryPage Versions 3 Contributors 5 Menus 

Zoho Sites Pricing for Add Ons

 Users can avail ad on features (Applicable for Pro Plan Users Only)

  • Portal Add On- ₹2,304/year/1000 members (For additional 1000 members, you have to pay an additional ₹1,380)
  • Page Add On- ₹2,304/year/200 Pages
  • Contributor Add On- ₹924/year/user
  • Dynamic Content Hits Add On- ₹3000/year 


Zoho Sites is a mobile-friendly, professional website builder that creates sites in just minutes. Users do not need to have prior design knowledge or technical skills. It is a great choice for newcomers. When on a budget, you cannot go wrong with the free version. Hence, it is a great choice for people new to website building.

If you are looking to expand beyond site-building and wish to open up an online shop, Zoho Sites might not be the right answer. It does not offer enough tools for larger operations. It does not support integration with a majority of payment processors, either. 

However, it is the perfect place for small to medium-sized businesses. Users who want to sell just a few items can seriously consider Zoho Sites. Zoho Sites‘ pricing is reasonable and affordable. One needs to be aware not to abuse the applications’ resources. If caught doing so, Zoho will limit your usage. The detailed Zoho Sites’ pricing plans will help you make the right choice. 

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